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Jack of all trades master of…wait strike that!

October 13, 2011

Well aside from my Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Reader / Minister hats I also have the photographers assistant hat that I wear on occasions more so lately then usual but I wear it and I wear it well I might add.

So what’s my job? Well because I’m a geek at heart I am the researcher, often reaseaching locations for shoots such as the botanical gardens in NY where my husband shot these amazing photos.





Sometime I have to keep the models under control.


And often I even get to pretend to be a model myself.


Although some models are much better at it then I am.



We have fun with it like when testing out Halloween makeup.


Or even non human Halloween costume.


And of course the beautiful brides and grooms.


There so much more but needless to say I enjoy all the hats I wear and all the people and places I get to meet and visit while wearing them.

So if you want to see more photos of some really cool stuff check out


Intuitive Digest – The Devil and Death Card

October 10, 2011

Howling at the Moon … The Werewolf

October 6, 2011

So my last post was about Zombies and keeping with our 31 days of Halloween theme here I wanted to talk about Werewolves. Why Werewolves well, being creative I made another Funny Little Voodoo Doll this one is “Werewolf Voodoo”.

Werewolf Voodoo

Werewolf Voodoo is one of my newest creations in our Halloween Series for this year and he’s made of felt and lots of love but what about real Werewolves? where did the story come from? 
Like Zombies Werewolf lore dates back to Ancient Greece where there was a mythological creature called a Lycanthrope which is where they get the use of the word Lycans in movies like “Underworld”. werewolves had super human strength and in most stories they where able to shape shift during full moons, at will  and in one story just once a year.
In European folklore the werewolves have physical traits in their human form that would be a tell-tale sign one is the unibrow (so my favorite artist Frida might have been a werewolf) and also curved fingernails,  and low set ears.  One of the ways to identify a werewolf was by cutting into the flesh they believed the fur would show through the wound.  Of course the sad thing is that someone with a unibrown or let’s say curved fingernails which for instance my father had developed as a result of his pulmonary fibrosis would have been a death sentence.   In Medieval Europe people executed for being a werewolf would be cremated in order to prevent them from coming back.
The only way to kill a werewolf is by using a silver bullet. Some believe that a werewolf could be cured with such method as stabing it in the head with a knife this method didn’t work to well since it typically proved fatal. Other methods where using, making them workout till they were physically exhausted or the best one was scolding the werewolf “Bad DOG!”.
OH and how did you turn into a werewolf? Well you’d be bit by one and that would turn you or you pissed off some God who would condemn you to being a wolf.   Werewolf lore shows up in lots of different culture the Native Americans, Europeans, and even Asian cultures have werewolf lore. 
One of the most famous werewolf stories is of course Little Red Riding Hood. But there are other stories such as one dating back to 1588 which was about a hunter who stumbled on a wolf after some struggle he managed to severe the paw of the wolf and went back to show off his prize when he opened his pouch it was the hand of a woman and a nobleman who was there recognized the hand as that of his wife. Later returning to his home he confronted her and found her nursing a wound where her hand once was. She was later burned at the stake.
There are many more stories out there about werewolves so check around and read up and watch out on a full moons night not to get caught outside where a werewolf might be lurking.
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Zombies… AHHHHH

October 2, 2011

In celebration of one of my favorite months of the year I decided to create a “Horror Series” for the Funny Little Voodoo Dolls. My first in the series is the Zombie Voodoo. 

Zombie Voodoo

Along with the “Horror Series” I decided to create my own version of the 31 days of Halloween by blogging about Halloween related stuff. So I figured I’d start with Zombies.

So circa 2009 archeologist discovered two 8th century skeletons that had stones shoved into their mouths suggesting that during the medieval times humans held a belief in Zombies or in the fact that the dead could return to roam the earth.    It was believed that the dead spirits could return by escaping through the mouth.  Evidence suggests that the fear of the dead walking upon the earth began a lot early then our modern-day brain eating zombies on tv.

Haitian Folklore speaks of zombies or Zombi which means “spirit of the dead” in voodoo culture voodoo priest can possess the ability to resurrect the dead.  In South Africa it is believed the dead can be turned into zombies by small children and only the help of a powerful priest can break the spell. During ancient times when there where outbreaks of disease it was sometimes blamed on the return of the dead.

So when did zombies go from being undead that infected people with diseases to the brain and flesh-eating monsters we know today? Well according to history this progression began during the time of slavery when white plantation owners came back from Haiti with sensationalized tales of voodoo practices and Zombies.  Around 1932 Bela Lugosi stared in a movie called “White Zombies ” early zombie movies were based on slavery and race relations the idea of controlling someone and the movies maintained their roots in the afro Caribbean practices and lore.  In 1960 George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead came onto the big screen and that was the  start of the eat your brains zombies we know of today.

What fascinates me most about Zombies is how fascinated we all seem to be with the whole zombies gonna eat my brains mentality.  We have new zombies shows such as “walking dead” and I’ve even witnessed a ‘zombie crawl”.

Zombie Crawl


People fear and are fascinated with the idea of rotten flesh-eating corpse wandering the earth.  Scientists have even debated the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse actually happening and even the Center for Disease Control got involved in the fun when they posted an article on how to survive a zombie apocalypse that received so much attention their website crashed.  There are also ants that exhibit zombie like activity when they are contaminated with a mold that effects their brain. 

 So is a zombie apocalypse a possibility? is it something eminent in our future or will it remain a legend and lore that will continue to morph and change with the times? I’m not sure but according to my sister she’s always on the look out for the possible zombies that might be making their way up her driveway when she is walking her dog on dark nights.  And my hubby has a plan in place on how to spare me from a zombie attack by whacking me over the head before I even get bit.  In the end it remains a legend and lore that will continue to scare us and creep into our dreams and let’s hope that’s all it ever is.

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Diary of the Unemployed

September 29, 2011

So, here I am going on close to 4 months of unemployment and well it’s pretty scary out there in terms of the job market and seeing so many companies and corporations letting people go from their jobs. I read the other day that Sikorsky located in CT is letting go of 700 employees most of which are CT residents and all I could think was “Great 700 more people I’ll have to contend with for a job”.

It’s actually pretty frightening to see how our economy is pretty much tanking and so many people are finding themselves unemployed. Being resilient we’ve managed to find ways to bring in money with my husband’s photography and we are lucky enough to have a home studio which we work out of but it’s no less disconcerting to see how bad things are out there.

The outlook isn’t all that great everyday we see and hear stories of families losing homes, incomes, ineligible for social services and state assistance or in need of medical assistance and it takes years for them to receive SSI or worse the talks of taking SS from the elderly. We read about stocks sinking and other countries going bankrupt I can go on a tangent about what’s going on but it really won’t change a thing and we are all being forced to ride out the wave that is this financial crisis.

As I’ve been looking for work here and there I have to laugh. When it comes to appling for a job some of these applications are ridiculous. Every time I come across an application for employment I can guarantee it will take me anywhere from 1-2 hours to fill out the page upon page of information even a job as a stock person at toys r us requires about a 50 minute time frame to fill out the application.  It’s rather insane but I guess it will weed out those who want the job and those who really really really want the job. 

So even though we have been met with all these obstacles during our unemployment phase we are still staying positive and hopefully that eventually things will turn around.   And ironically I’m still waiting to feel bad or upset about having lost my job in the first place but I still feel great about it and honestly I can’t figure that one out but I guess it was the right time.  So I continue to search and look and keep my eyes and ears open for any possible work that might come by in the meantime we are still working on creating our own possibilities which I think is important. 

But these past months that I’ve been searching for work my husband and I have had a discussion about whether or not internet job finding websites work. So I figured I’d throw it out to the masses and find out have you used job search websites such as, or and what do you think? Have you had any calls or interviews as a result, have you been able to obtain a job using these sites alone without having to go through another job agency? what has your experience been? please leave us a comment.

The Veil wears thin October in a nutshell

September 20, 2011

So, I know I have discussed in my newsletter about the “veil” that shrouds the world of the living from the world of the dead. Being that we are just about in October I wanted to give everyone a little “Lesson” of sorts on the veil and October in a nutshell.

So back in ancient time during the time of the Celts October specifically October 31 what we know today as Halloween was the beginning of the new year.  This was a period of time that signified the end of the summer, the harvesting of the fields and of course the coming of cold, darkness and winter.  Winter was viewed as a time of death since nothing grew out of the ground and well it was dark, cold and dreary.

The Celts also believed that during this time of year the veil that shrouded the world of the living and the dead began to thin and so in essences the living and dead could communicate. For the most part this is a belief that is still held by many cultures and people  of today except that the Celts believe that the dead arose kind of like Zombies and basically wreaked havoc on your crops, homes, health etc.

For the Celts they held celebrations and festivals to honor the New Year and to pacify the dead.

Other cultures also hold the belief that the veil is at its thinnest during this time of year for instance in Mexico they celebrate “Dia de los Muertos” day of the dead where families head out to the cemetaries not only to clean and repair the head stones and plots but they literally hold a celebration in the cemetary decorating the tombs and bringing food and gifts for offering and enjoying meals and prayers with the deceased.

Back in the day (and I’m talking way back) the Roman Church adopted “All Saints Day” which was celebrated on November 1st to honor the churches Saints and Martyrs. Along with the honoring of Saints the church allowed people to go “Souling” this was basically an approved form of begging. beggars went around asking for food and in exchange they would pray for the soul  of your deceased this event was the predecessor of what we know today to be Trick or Treating.

Many other countries also hold specific rituals and beliefs that take place during Halloween the most popular being that of leaving offerings of food for the souls of the deceased or lighting a candle in memory or even going so far as hiding the kitchen knife to prevent a spirit from harming anyone in the home.

So basically the common thread is the belief that the soul of our departed loved or maybe not so loved ones come back during this time. As a result of the thinning veil between the worlds it’s also a time when people prefer to have tarot and psychic readings since the communication line is open and so readings will be more accurate, deeper and more detailed. It’s also a wonderful time for people to sit with mediums because again that line of communication is open and easier for the connection to take place.

Now although you can get an accurate reading at any time October really gives you a whole new experience.

We are a society that is enthralled with what happens when we die you see it in horror movies, shows such as Ghost Busters and paranormal State. Most  to some point believe in the existence of spirits, ghost or places such as heaven and hell.  And as is clear when looking into the beliefs of other cultures and countries there is a time when we can experience life beyond what we know if only for a moment.  So keep your eyes open especially on October 31st when that costumed ghost might just not be a ghost at all.

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Don’t be Afraid of the Dark a Review -sort of…

September 4, 2011

Last night we had our “Date” night we headed out to see the movie “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Now the movie was good, it was scary, I could have done without Katie Homes honestly my first thought when I realized she was in it was “I hope she’s the first victim” no offence Katie but you took too long of a break from acting and you really haven’t grown from where you left off.

 The Little girl who played the main character Sally was fantastic she had the perfect mix of cute adorable kid you want to hug, unruly snot you want to throw against a wall and creepy kid you’re not sure if she’ll murder you in your sleep personality hey my kind of kid she was really the star of the movie.

Spoiler Alert*****

So this family get attacked by these strange tiny being who turn out to be “Fairies” alright so we all think of this

When fairies are mentioned. 

Now if you like Tink and Disney style fairies I suggest you stop reading now…

Ok warning said, the truth is Historically the Fairy Lore wasn’t that cute Tink throwing Fairy Dust all over the place (ok so this is where its no longer a movie review) Fairies had a more sinister background. They were known to kidnap humans and would often take human babies and replace them with their own. These were known as Changelings there is actually a documented case about some children who were believed to be changelings “The Green Children of Woolpit”. Oh might I add that the kidnapped human child would become food for the Momma Fairy.

Now another name for “Fairies” as we know them today was Fey, Fay, Faie or they were known as wee folk, goblins, gnomes, etc. Now the original meaning of Fey was “fated to die” or “having a foreboding of death” so in essence the Fairies where harbingers of death.

Another well-known fairy was called the Mermaid again the origins did not depict Arielle from The Little Mermaid. Mermaids or selkies where water spirits known to entice sailors to their deaths. Half human half fish or using the skin of a seal to protect their identity these fairies where pretty darn vicious and were blamed for the death of thousands of seamen. 

Now let’s think of Gnomes not as travel agents but as mischievous little characters who messed with your garden, animals etc unless of course you had a cat since Gnomes hate cats.

So how is it that this movie has put me in a rant over fairy lore? Ok back to the movie review. The creatures in the movie are refered to as “Fairies” however being that many people don’t know the origins of the fairy its makes you think WTF where is Tink? Also, they ***Spoiler Alert*** have a scene where Sally runs through the woods and steps on a fairy ring and well we all know what fairy rings do right? Exactly we don’t and as a result 1/2 the people don’t realize the importance of that scene.  Lore has it if you stand in a fairy ring or walk/run through it you will be taken by the fairies.  So there are a few unexplained situations in the story  and some that just make you roll your eyes.

***Spoiler Alert***

One of the scenes that most make me want to call Guillermo and ask him WTF he was thinking was when Sally is being attacked by these “fairies” in the mist of a dinner part the guest including her father and Step mom burst into the room where there is a smushed fairy whose arm is laying on the floor and she has photos to prove she’s telling the truth.  Now we all know in real life if I was a guest at that dinner party my ass would be out the door so fast they would see a smoke trail behind me. Oh hell no there is no way I would as shown in the scene calmly walk out of the dinner party as if nothing had happened.  Heck I wouldn’t even collect my coat or belonging least I wander off with one of these creatures attached to me. But in the movie everyone looks around like “Well then parties over good night” there is no mass chaos or pandemonium.

Over all the movie was great the cinematics where amazing and the story line was good. I do recommend going to see it just remember when it’s done you might not want to turn off your lights.

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