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A Review Vineyard #1

January 19, 2012

The Vineyard – Haight-Brown vineyard, Chestnut Hill Rd., Litchfield, CT
The rating –


The Review – So why did I give Haight-Brown Vineyard one Stiletto? Let me start at the beginning.

Today we are celebrating our one year anniversary.


And decided to make a day of it by going wine tasting something that both Robert and I have wanted to do but have both never experienced. So I came across Haight-Brown Vineyard on the Internet. It looked like a lovely little place very rustic and it’s also part of the Connecticut Wine Trail. So we decided to take the 1 1/2 hour trip to Litchfield. The drive was beautiful I’ll admit driving up route 8 is very scenic there are mountains covered in a light layer of snow and beautiful bodies of water very peaceful.

So we finally arrive at the Vineyard.


And I practically run into the place cause I had to use the potty (that word is courtesy of my years as a preschool teacher). Did I mention that Route 8 is so scenic there are no rest stops?

Now there were cars outside but we walk into what seemed to be a completely empty building we wander to the second floor where the Tasting Room was. Not a soul to be found at this point I’m pacing and making quiet a racket in my boots as I thump around the hardwood floors but yet no one seems to be coming. After what felt like an eternity to me but was probably actually more like 5 minutes Rob wanders around the side of the counter and is seen by a woman sitting in her office she ask if she can help him and he points in my direction. OK she shouts give me a minute at this point I’m about to die and I spot the bathroom at the same time she decides to wander out of her office. So I tell her we want to do the wine tasting but I have to use the restroom first.

I get out of the restroom and she’s already served the first taste and Rob has wandered into the bathroom himself. So I sit at the bar and say, oh it’s our anniversary and we decided to do a wine tasting we’ve never done this… She replies with “that’s nice” asked where we are from and quickly tells me what wine I’m drinking and Rob at this point isn’t even sitting with us. So I ask is there a specific way to drink the wine since its our first time and we don’t know what we are doing. Her reply “just swirl it to get the oxygen in it” hmmmmm ok so I’m thinking ok is she going to explain the different wines? Or offer us the wine and cheese deal or wine and chocolate deal? Is she going to tell us what wines they make at the Vineyard? But I realize shortly that this is as she put it her catchup day so she rushes us through the tasting. Aside from giving us the basic this wine is that this one is this she offers no other information unless we ask.

I can tell that Rob is getting irritated and holding his tongue because he doesn’t want to sour our day. So I figure let me see if I can get this woman to engage so I start talking about the taste and smells of the wine she periodically responds to anything that’s directed to her but little else. She focuses on relabeling wine bottles and only stops to refill our glasses and give us info on the next tasting.

Finally we are done with our tasting which I think took all of 20 minutes and I say do you have a cork I can buy to re-cork the bottle to which she replies you can just reuse the cork that it comes with. Mind you we are sitting in the shop with chocolates, corkscrews, gifts but she doesn’t offer us maybe you want to get this one. Hey it would be more money for them and sometimes the corks especially if I open it end up to wrecked to reuse.

So why the one stiletto? Honestly I would have given them 0 stilettos but we did buy 2 bottles of wine which I have to admit we’re delicious and…..


They also have really cool massive wine barrels outside and the building was really pretty. Now had she been engaging, giving us information on the history of the vineyard, the wines, how we should drink it, what we should look for in a good wine i.e. Color, smell, ect. Had she cued into the “it’s our first time” comments when we first walked in or offered us the different tasting options they would have gotten a higher rating. The only thing I learned about wine today was that I do not like Reds.

As many of you know I hold workshops and groups and besides it being our first trip to a wine tasting as a celebration of our first year as husband and wife the visit was also to see which wineries I would put on our list for our group outing this spring and what better then visiting a beautiful location to enjoy a glass of wine and learn new information.

Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m expecting way to much for wine tasting but I had a vision in my head of learning something new while celebrating a happy day, creating a memory and eventually sharing it with my friends.

Needless to say Haight-Brown vineyard are sadly off the list on to our next winery for hopefully a better experience.

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