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Twilight – Breaking Dawn a review

November 24, 2011

So, I was dragged.. I mean invited to go see the New Twilight Moving Breaking Dawn – Part 1 with my 16-year-old today. Now let me start with I am not a fan of the books or the movies but when mommy duties call I have to go into action that being said if you are a fan and get offended easily if anyone so much as says a negative peep about the Twilight Series I suggest you don’t read this…

Was it bad? No was it good? No

So lets start at the beginning as Bella Swan is dreaming of her wedding day and dreams that she and Edward are the cake topper on a cake that is created by the dead bodies of their loved one.. my first thought cool cake but Bella takes this to heart and then recreates a death march as she walks down the aisle to get married to her “Soul Mate” Edward Cullen. The scene is dragged out and she ever so slooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly makes her way down the aisle. Was it her extremely high shoes? which she was unable to walk in during the opening scene or perhaps the fact that she knew she’d be dead within a few weeks? I’m going to say it was the shoes.

So during the wedding party there are tons of “family” members from the Cullen side very creepy looking and one of them hates the wolves and well not to bore you at least no one gets eaten during the bridal party after which Edward whisk Bella away to a private retreat island off brazil where they frolic and play in the open sunlight with no vampire going up in flames or glittering like a group of pre schoolers in art class. Two weeks into their honeymoon Bella is pregnant and is being eaten alive by this demon child now at this point I’ve lost track of how long she was actually pregnant because they didn’t give us the sad pathetic scene of her sitting at a window as the months count down.

Now I won’t give away to much of the story the movie wasn’t that bad but I myself prefer the traditional vampire story, Boy meets girl Boy kills girl. But I guess I get the appeal of the whole Twilight Series for the young girls however while at the theater I was rather surprised at the number of adult men who were watching the movie alone not to throw stones but well why?

So here are the CONS

Then the use of the word Forever runs rampant throughout the movie, “I won’t measure our love in time but let’s start forever” yes he measured and Dad I love you Forever, I love you forever Edward your my friend forever Jacob.. forever forever forever was used quite a lot.

In one scene the wolves seem to be normal size yet when they fight the vampires they are inexplicably larger.

stamping? Stapling? oh yes Imprinting in the beginning it’s discussed between Jacob and other wolf while the other wolves who are imprinted to each other making out on the beach. Um Jacob imprints on the baby but they talk about it as if he will become a Big Bother, Protector, and Father CREEPY!

There was NO glittering! None I’m highly upset about that part.

and Finally the PROS

The Baby was Adorable

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  1. January 10, 2012 1:24 pm

    I have to say that I am a fan of the series (as always the book is better). But I have to say that I agree that the movie (Breaking Dawn in particular) is well… not that good. And the whole imprinting thing is quite weird (in both the movie and the book). There’s just no getting around it… and might I admit the whole 18 year old girl having a baby???

    Thanks for allowing me to vent 🙂

    • January 11, 2012 11:50 pm

      Oh feel free to vent anytime lol it was funny cause my biggest pet peeve about the movie was really the lack of glittering while they were in the sun.

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