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Best of the best a day in reviews.

November 9, 2011

Well many of you have seen my postings today about the different companies and people whose products or services I’ve tried out and love. I’m calling today my pay it forward day and spent the day reviewing other businesses however there are a few business that I wanted to devote a special post to.

First on my list is Style With Glee. Style with Glee is owned and operated by Gabriela Lee she is a stylist and business advisor and we’ve had the pleasure to work with her on both sides of her business. First she is our business advisor and has really helped us push our businesses forward in a way that has been comfortable for both myself and my husband. Considering the different personalities she’s actually helped us develop a plan that we are both comfortable with and as a result we are seeing our own business starting to gain momentum. Gabriela has also produced and styled a photo shoot for us it was great to watch her work with the models to make them look fantastic in their clothing and considering that the models where using clothing from there own closets one of Gabriela’s specialties she was at easy with taking pieces and putting together outfits that not only looked great but where stylish. One of Gabriela’s specialties is creating a Look Book using clients existing wardrobe so that they can come up with an outfit with the flip of a page.



Another business we’ve had the pleasure working with is Beauty By Francisca Fran Claros is an accomplished makeup artist and we had the opportunity to work with her during a photo shoot recently and on a personal note I also experience Fran’s makeup magic when she did my makeup for a headshot.


Fran’s work is amazing she has a knack for making the models photo ready all the models looked amazing when they where done and she was fantastic at staying on schedule which is important when you’re working with a lot of models and a little time.



I also had an opportunity to speak to and meet the mastermind behind My Bridal Budget Fouzia Elidrissi. She an event planner whose on the ball and knows her stuff. After having spoken to her I wish I had met her before Rob and I got married it would have made our day much easier and it would have kept us within budget.


So these are my spotlight business’s for today. Oh and let’s not forget my hubby who has taken some amazing photographs of all the beautiful models, brides and cute kids we’ve had the pleasure to meet. One of his specialities is not only great rates but his desire to work with our clients to give them the best possible photos that make them feel fantastic not only because they look great but where able to keep cost down. And we’ve debuted our website this month Robert Velasco Photography.

So for all the amazing photos in today’s post I want to give shout outs to

Gabriela Lee of Style with Glee for producing and styling the models
Fran Claros of Beauty by Francisca for the beautiful makeup
And of course Robert Velasco of Robert Velasco Photography for the beautiful photos.

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