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Howling at the Moon … The Werewolf

October 6, 2011

So my last post was about Zombies and keeping with our 31 days of Halloween theme here I wanted to talk about Werewolves. Why Werewolves well, being creative I made another Funny Little Voodoo Doll this one is “Werewolf Voodoo”.

Werewolf Voodoo

Werewolf Voodoo is one of my newest creations in our Halloween Series for this year and he’s made of felt and lots of love but what about real Werewolves? where did the story come from? 
Like Zombies Werewolf lore dates back to Ancient Greece where there was a mythological creature called a Lycanthrope which is where they get the use of the word Lycans in movies like “Underworld”. werewolves had super human strength and in most stories they where able to shape shift during full moons, at will  and in one story just once a year.
In European folklore the werewolves have physical traits in their human form that would be a tell-tale sign one is the unibrow (so my favorite artist Frida might have been a werewolf) and also curved fingernails,  and low set ears.  One of the ways to identify a werewolf was by cutting into the flesh they believed the fur would show through the wound.  Of course the sad thing is that someone with a unibrown or let’s say curved fingernails which for instance my father had developed as a result of his pulmonary fibrosis would have been a death sentence.   In Medieval Europe people executed for being a werewolf would be cremated in order to prevent them from coming back.
The only way to kill a werewolf is by using a silver bullet. Some believe that a werewolf could be cured with such method as stabing it in the head with a knife this method didn’t work to well since it typically proved fatal. Other methods where using, making them workout till they were physically exhausted or the best one was scolding the werewolf “Bad DOG!”.
OH and how did you turn into a werewolf? Well you’d be bit by one and that would turn you or you pissed off some God who would condemn you to being a wolf.   Werewolf lore shows up in lots of different culture the Native Americans, Europeans, and even Asian cultures have werewolf lore. 
One of the most famous werewolf stories is of course Little Red Riding Hood. But there are other stories such as one dating back to 1588 which was about a hunter who stumbled on a wolf after some struggle he managed to severe the paw of the wolf and went back to show off his prize when he opened his pouch it was the hand of a woman and a nobleman who was there recognized the hand as that of his wife. Later returning to his home he confronted her and found her nursing a wound where her hand once was. She was later burned at the stake.
There are many more stories out there about werewolves so check around and read up and watch out on a full moons night not to get caught outside where a werewolf might be lurking.
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  1. October 7, 2011 2:01 am

    cute and scary!

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