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Diary of the Unemployed

September 29, 2011

So, here I am going on close to 4 months of unemployment and well it’s pretty scary out there in terms of the job market and seeing so many companies and corporations letting people go from their jobs. I read the other day that Sikorsky located in CT is letting go of 700 employees most of which are CT residents and all I could think was “Great 700 more people I’ll have to contend with for a job”.

It’s actually pretty frightening to see how our economy is pretty much tanking and so many people are finding themselves unemployed. Being resilient we’ve managed to find ways to bring in money with my husband’s photography and we are lucky enough to have a home studio which we work out of but it’s no less disconcerting to see how bad things are out there.

The outlook isn’t all that great everyday we see and hear stories of families losing homes, incomes, ineligible for social services and state assistance or in need of medical assistance and it takes years for them to receive SSI or worse the talks of taking SS from the elderly. We read about stocks sinking and other countries going bankrupt I can go on a tangent about what’s going on but it really won’t change a thing and we are all being forced to ride out the wave that is this financial crisis.

As I’ve been looking for work here and there I have to laugh. When it comes to appling for a job some of these applications are ridiculous. Every time I come across an application for employment I can guarantee it will take me anywhere from 1-2 hours to fill out the page upon page of information even a job as a stock person at toys r us requires about a 50 minute time frame to fill out the application.  It’s rather insane but I guess it will weed out those who want the job and those who really really really want the job. 

So even though we have been met with all these obstacles during our unemployment phase we are still staying positive and hopefully that eventually things will turn around.   And ironically I’m still waiting to feel bad or upset about having lost my job in the first place but I still feel great about it and honestly I can’t figure that one out but I guess it was the right time.  So I continue to search and look and keep my eyes and ears open for any possible work that might come by in the meantime we are still working on creating our own possibilities which I think is important. 

But these past months that I’ve been searching for work my husband and I have had a discussion about whether or not internet job finding websites work. So I figured I’d throw it out to the masses and find out have you used job search websites such as, or and what do you think? Have you had any calls or interviews as a result, have you been able to obtain a job using these sites alone without having to go through another job agency? what has your experience been? please leave us a comment.

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