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Don’t be Afraid of the Dark a Review -sort of…

September 4, 2011

Last night we had our “Date” night we headed out to see the movie “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Now the movie was good, it was scary, I could have done without Katie Homes honestly my first thought when I realized she was in it was “I hope she’s the first victim” no offence Katie but you took too long of a break from acting and you really haven’t grown from where you left off.

 The Little girl who played the main character Sally was fantastic she had the perfect mix of cute adorable kid you want to hug, unruly snot you want to throw against a wall and creepy kid you’re not sure if she’ll murder you in your sleep personality hey my kind of kid she was really the star of the movie.

Spoiler Alert*****

So this family get attacked by these strange tiny being who turn out to be “Fairies” alright so we all think of this

When fairies are mentioned. 

Now if you like Tink and Disney style fairies I suggest you stop reading now…

Ok warning said, the truth is Historically the Fairy Lore wasn’t that cute Tink throwing Fairy Dust all over the place (ok so this is where its no longer a movie review) Fairies had a more sinister background. They were known to kidnap humans and would often take human babies and replace them with their own. These were known as Changelings there is actually a documented case about some children who were believed to be changelings “The Green Children of Woolpit”. Oh might I add that the kidnapped human child would become food for the Momma Fairy.

Now another name for “Fairies” as we know them today was Fey, Fay, Faie or they were known as wee folk, goblins, gnomes, etc. Now the original meaning of Fey was “fated to die” or “having a foreboding of death” so in essence the Fairies where harbingers of death.

Another well-known fairy was called the Mermaid again the origins did not depict Arielle from The Little Mermaid. Mermaids or selkies where water spirits known to entice sailors to their deaths. Half human half fish or using the skin of a seal to protect their identity these fairies where pretty darn vicious and were blamed for the death of thousands of seamen. 

Now let’s think of Gnomes not as travel agents but as mischievous little characters who messed with your garden, animals etc unless of course you had a cat since Gnomes hate cats.

So how is it that this movie has put me in a rant over fairy lore? Ok back to the movie review. The creatures in the movie are refered to as “Fairies” however being that many people don’t know the origins of the fairy its makes you think WTF where is Tink? Also, they ***Spoiler Alert*** have a scene where Sally runs through the woods and steps on a fairy ring and well we all know what fairy rings do right? Exactly we don’t and as a result 1/2 the people don’t realize the importance of that scene.  Lore has it if you stand in a fairy ring or walk/run through it you will be taken by the fairies.  So there are a few unexplained situations in the story  and some that just make you roll your eyes.

***Spoiler Alert***

One of the scenes that most make me want to call Guillermo and ask him WTF he was thinking was when Sally is being attacked by these “fairies” in the mist of a dinner part the guest including her father and Step mom burst into the room where there is a smushed fairy whose arm is laying on the floor and she has photos to prove she’s telling the truth.  Now we all know in real life if I was a guest at that dinner party my ass would be out the door so fast they would see a smoke trail behind me. Oh hell no there is no way I would as shown in the scene calmly walk out of the dinner party as if nothing had happened.  Heck I wouldn’t even collect my coat or belonging least I wander off with one of these creatures attached to me. But in the movie everyone looks around like “Well then parties over good night” there is no mass chaos or pandemonium.

Over all the movie was great the cinematics where amazing and the story line was good. I do recommend going to see it just remember when it’s done you might not want to turn off your lights.

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