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Diary of the Unemployed

September 2, 2011

So I was reading the new this morning, yes I read, that the US economy created no job growth in August.  Supposedly it’s the first time since 1945 that the government has reported a net monthly job change of zero (taken from MSN’s article).

Now I’ve been unemployed since June and my husband has been unemployed for two years.  Ironically the day I become unemployed his employment benefits ran out so now we are trying to run a household, pay bills, and a mortgage on $475 a week the amount that Unemployment gives me.

Both of us have been applying for jobs but the truth is there just isn’t anything out there right now so we have to batten down the hatches and weather the storm.  Now sure we are trying to get by my Husband has a photography business that has also taken a hit due to the economy let’s face it people aren’t having lavished weddings or parties anymore and we’ve accommodate ourselves for that creating hourly rates and low-cost packages for our clients for one main reason although we need the money and could have our rates be high like many others out there  we know how difficult it is and having recently been married ourselves it would have royally sucked not to be able to afford a photographer to capture our happy moments.

And of course we have and I do readings which personally is what I most enjoy about being out of work right now is that I get to do these more often since I’m available to do them now and it’s an amazing experience to be a part of someone’s life journey and to meet these amazing souls that cross my path. 

However, we are barely keeping ourselves afloat as many in the US are now.  Now don’t get me wrong I love the USA it’s my country I was born here I am a proud American Citizen but it’s disheartening to see what is happening and especially disheartening when the Citizens see the US running to help other countries financially while we ourselves our floundering. 

I know I have quiet some time on unemployment but God forbid I don’t find work before I run out then what happens?  I’ve been working since I was 14 yrs old and although I wasn’t the least bit devastated when I lost my job the financial aspects and prospects and stressful.

So as a country what happens?  What happens when we run out of money? what happens when there aren’t anymore benefits, jobs, etc.  What happens to all the people out there who are done with there unemployment and can’t get any other assistance?

I think the Government needs to start focusing on their own children and start fixing the issues here again I’m not anti government but something is seriously wrong here and a lot of people are going to be in deep if jobs aren’t created and funds aren’t extended.

I’m just a little speck in the full spectrum of our country and the situation world-wide.  I am all for helping others it one of the reasons I have chosen to do the work I do but if I don’t take care of myself how do I care for others? if I am spread to thin how can I be support to others the US needs to see that they can’t spread themselves to thin they need to fix themselves before they can continue to help others and not vice versa.

I’m proud to be a US Born Citizen I am proud that I have the luxury of Freedom of Speach and Freedom of Expression that being said I love my country I just wish they would manage it in a better way.

So we will continue to forge on and continue to offer our photography, dolls and the intuitive readings and life coaching because that is what we do.  We will continue to pray and hope that the economy pics up before to many other people especially children are caught in the cross fire that taking place.  We wish everyone luck who is in our situation and again open to helping always feel free to contact us.

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