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Operation Crystal Ball

August 24, 2011

The other day I read a rather disturbing article online.  It was about a group of gypsies that had managed to extort millions of dollars from clients who had gone in for fortune/future telling services. The authorities are calling this sting Operation Crystal Ball. Among the victims of this crime was a best-selling novelist.   Unfortunately stories like these and people like these make those of us who are bona-fide caring readers look bad.  It’s a shame because when a client comes to my door it’s because they are in need of help they are going through a stage or moment in life where they are requiring some assistance and are seeking out my help and my job is to help them not take advantage of their need.

I felt the need to write this blog to warn people against these kind of crimes.  When you seek the help of a psychic or reader there are things you should look out for to ensure you are never a victim of something like this.  A true reader will not charge thousand to read you for 20 minutes.  A true reader will not instill fear of death, disease, or curses on you and if they do warn you of such events they will not tell you they can fix the problem for another $$$$ amount.  A true reader will not force you to come back or make you feel obligated or pressured into returning for a reading.  A true reader will be compassionate, caring and understanding. Yes readers charge for their services but let’s be frank the fee has to be fair and comparable to the services they are providing. 

Now those are some basic points for you to keep in mind as you are searching for a reader or professional psychic or medium.  Some other things to look out for is do you feel comfortable with the person? can you open up to them? Are they empathic and listening to what you are saying during the reading?

Listen what it boils down to is you are paying for a service granted it’s not mainstream however, it’s a service no less and you should leave feeling confident and looking forward to another reading as opposed to leaving the read feeling dread or fear.  My job as a reader is not to instill fear in you my job is to help you through the journey you are taking.  My job is also to keep what you say confidential and although I do keep notes for clients they are confidential I do not discuss your issues with your family, friends or anyone who might have refered you.  I don’t dish out your name or information to the public when you come through my door you enter a secure and caring environment. 

Another important point is that often time clients will disclose issues that I am not equipped to handle and part of my job is to “help” you find the help you need.  After years of working in the mental health field I am equipped to help you if you are in need of assistances it’s not a burden or chore nor is it a viewed as trouble it’s part of my job.

I view each and every one of you that comes to me as a friend and as such I am here to assist in any way that I can. 

Getting your cards read is fun. When you visit places like Salem or New Orleans it’s a fun exciting experience. Heck even I’ve had my cards read in places like that but when it goes beyond the fun experience to something darker and scary then there is a problem and you need to be able to recognize that. 

Many of you come to me on a regular basis or you are enrolled in Spiritual Life Coaching with me. Please rest assure that I am not looking to take from you but to give you tools to better manage your life I believe in the law of karma and if I give you positive energies then I will get back positive energies. 

The group involved in this sting is paying the price for their actions.  If you don’t come to me or if you choose to find another reader that’s great I believe you have to do what is best for you and I might not be the perfect fit but please keep in mind the above when searching for someone to do a reading or serve as a guide.

So please be safe, secure listen to your gut and remember you should feel a sense of well being when you leave a reading not dread or fear.

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