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Diary of the Unemployed

August 13, 2011

This morning I woke up early to prepare to assist my husband on a shoot for a wedding and it got me to thinking about being unemployed and what that means in today’s age. Truth is finding a job is virtually impossible. After working for the same place for 13 yrs and being either to old yes and I’m only 41 or being to over qualified it turns out that even getting a job in a grocery store is proving difficult.

Now I can go on a rant right at this point about how our country runs to the rescue of other countries sending billions of our dollars to help them out of a financial or natural disaster yet they somehow forgot about the people who are here but I won’t.

But with thousand of people without employment and many reaching the end if their unemployment benefits what is there to do?

It’s become very clear that we have to create our own opportunities. As a result I find myself busier then when I was employed full time. Between job searching, taking classes/seminars and doing a lot of foot work to get our business out there we have been on the go since June.

I have to say though that in the process we have had an opportunity to meet a lot of new, kind and interesting people and a few not so nice ones but those have been few and far in between.
I can’t help however to be worried about the future. Deep down inside I know I’m good at what I do in terms of my professions I’m good at administrative work and excellent with my computer skills and as an intuitive reader and spiritual life coach, I feel I’m doing what I do best and it’s a fulfilling role for me because I not only get to do what I love but I also get to help others. And even as a photographers assistant I do the best I can and have fun meeting all these new exciting people. So we are working hard to make this a success story.

In the past I have experience what it is to go without being a single mother I was determined to make it without the help of state assistance and so I worked my behind off to ensure that I could provide for my child. I remember times where there was nothing, no fund for food, diapers or the much needed necessities of life and being proud asking for help was not my thing so I learned to wing it and thankfully had family who helped me when was in a pinch.

But here I am a few years, well many years older and my mentality has changed honestly I’m no longer to proud to ask for help. I believe in pay it forward and even now in these tough times I still try to extend myself and be as helpful to others as possible.

And tonight I sit at my computer to ask you for help.

Im not asking for millions or thousands for that matter what I am asking for is positive energies to be sent our way. I’m asking if you can take a look a or website and give us feed back. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy our products or needs an affordable photographer or perhaps you’ve had a reading and would like to refer me on to someone else. Maybe you want to work with us on a project or know of a possible job opening?

In other words any hand you can lend would be greatly appreciated and in return there are ways I’m sure that we can help you. Maybe your a makeup artist or model and need photos for a portfolio or you want to cross promote your business with ours our your having a party and you need an affordable photographer or would like to barter and exchange or network?

We are open to any and all feedback and ideas and to those of you who have helped us in many ways as we have traveled this road I say thank you.

Please visit

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