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Dear Psychic Reader…. Am I going to die?

August 1, 2011

 The answer to that question is YES.

I was asked the other day if during a reading I have ever told anyone they are going to die. The reality is that the answer to the question am I going to die is Yes. We are in truth all going to die at some point or another. Now have I ever told anyone they are going to die during a reading? The answer to that is no I haven’t.

You see when I am doing a reading for you my focus is not on telling you that you are going to die frankly you already know that this event will eventually at somepoint down the line happen. However, my goal is to direct you on how to live. Yes there are time when the cards will give clear warnings that the person is heading down a dangerous path or that they should go get a check by a doctor but my job is to advise you of those warning signs.

I have a lot of people tell me they are afraid to get a reading because they fear the future.  What people don’t realize is you have to travel to that future doesn’t matter if your afraid or not we all heading toward it and it’s inevitable. You can’t change the fact that we are propelled forward through life. We can go kicking and screaming, we can go utterly blind or we can go somewhat prepared but the fact is your going so you choose on how smooth that ride is going to be.

An intuitive reading will open up an avenue for you to glimpse into what might be, good or bad, this way you will be prepared to better handle situations that arise as you travel down this road called life. I am in essence your advisor and that being said I will advise you based on what I see in the cards the good and the bad but you don’t have to worry that I will tell you you’ll die tomorrow that isn’t how it works.

Life is to be lived. We should be worried and preoccupied with living the best most productive life we can manifest for ourselves.  We should not be preoccupied with death or worried about when it will come because if you have lived a life that has been true to your inner spirit then you have done your job here on earth.

Remeber each tomorrow starts with today.

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