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Product Review – Isagenix Cleanse for Life

July 31, 2011

Alright so, I have been using Isagenix Cleanse for Life now for about a month on and off.  Actually it would be best to use it without stopping but due to having to go in for a biopsy I had to stop using it twice as I waiting for the Women’s Center to get their “$&#^”  together and finally get me in for my appointment.

So, my friend Janet Cook aka NY Healthy Chick (you can find her via my Facebook page) is a strong supporter of the Isagenix Life style. A former Party Girl Janet has slimmed down and turned her health around using the Isagenix Products.  So she suggested I give them a try and so I decided to try one of the products to see how it works.

Now the first thing that I notice is that it has a strong taste of Molasses or “Mole – Asses” as my daughter likes to say.  Now for me it’s not bad I actually don’t mind the taste of molasses so I find that product to be rather tasty.  You can mix it in water but I prefered to down it like a shot and follow it with some water. 

Ok so here is where it gets graphic “Sorry” but if you’ve had weight loss surgery or know of anyone who has you know that a few of the complications are lack of nutrients and lack of bathroom functions if you know what I mean.. basically the pooping mechanism is on the fritz because you barely eat. So I’m one of those lucky ones that has this problem.  Now I’ve done the whole fiber stuff and frankly if you’ve been keeping up with my post you’ll have read about my battle with a cup of fiber and Fish oil.. long story.. anyhow, So I started the Isa Cleanse and didn’t really think much of it.. but noticed that after about 2 days I started to make regular trips to the bathroom.

I though maybe I was eating something different however when I had to stop the Isa cleanse for the biopsy I also stopped my regular trips. Not only that but I notice in the short time I have been using it that my hair looks better and my RLS is also getting better.  I feel like I’m digesting everything I eat better also. 

I’ll soon be trying some more of the isagenix products and would recommend you don’t toss it aside as a fad but look into it you might be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Getting Healthy

If you want to find out more about Isagenix you can visit the site where you will find a link to Janet’s Page NY Healthy Chick or visit my Facebook Page and find her on my friends list. Truth be told she can tell you a lot more than I can and the best I can tell you is I found that its definitely worth a try.  


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