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Diary of the Unemployed

July 27, 2011

Dear Worker at the Job Services,

I know that you have a difficult job. I understand the stress you go through on a daily basis having to deal with irate people that are probably there all the time being rude to you. I get it, people give you attitude and all that crap that has throughout the years made you bitter and angry.

However, you see I’m here visiting your office for the first time. I have been employed since the age of 14 and have only once in my early 20’s been on unemployment for about a month. I am not unemployed by choice but I am like thousands of other people out there a victim of circumstances and the economic downfall of our country. I have put money into unemployment and have paid my taxes and dues. In essence me like many others pay your salary.

I am just a bit frazzled by my situation yet when I walked into your office I smiled and attempted to make eye contact with you not expecting for you to not only not look up from your pile of papers to acknowledge me but I also was not expecting the amount of rudeness that you exhibited to me and while waiting that I witnessed you do with many others. I am not a lesser human that you because you have a state job or any job for that matter. The reality is that like me your job can be snatched away in a matter of moments.

Now I am not visiting you by choice, I received a letter inviting me to a 3 hour seminar that was in the small print “required”. I traveled over an hour in traffic to find your office with the #2 in the address yet the building’s actual number was # 326. I was then sent down winding hallways to stand in the customer service line because nothing was clearly identified. After waiting I decided to walk over to you to ask if I was in the correct line only to have the paperwork snatched from my hands have you scribble a new date on the paperwork and have you push it back into my hands with not so much as a glance, oh wait there was a glare for me in there somewhere. I was not allowed to take the class because I was ten minutes late yet if things had been clearly marked I would have been less then five minutes late.

Now my income has been severely reduced. I am making a third of what I use to make. I have a mortgage, child, bills and responsibilities. Taking trips have become a necessity not a choice with gas prices the trip I took to your office not only cost me a lot of time stuck in traffic but also $30 in gas.

Dearest worker please remember when I return again to your office. I did not choose to be here, I did not quit my job had I done so I wouldn’t be getting unemployment. I have worked since a young age and like many others here am caught in this situation by circumstance not choice. And most importantly keep in mind that at any moment you can be standing here next to me waiting on this line with someone glaring at you from the other side of the kiosk.

That being said be nice, be respectful, acknowledge me. You don’t have to like me heck you don’t know me why would you but I’m here for “help” I was born and raised in this country. In the least crack a smile or hell simply don’t act as if I’m an annoying fly buzzing around you because you see you choose to work in this position you are well aware of what you have to put up with and I’m sure well aware of the fact that not everyone is here by choice. If you don’t like your job or working with people then find something else instead of being angry at the people who come to your office for help. We didn’t choose your job.

Please remember your lucky you’ve got a job be happy about that and be nice the law of karma will follow you if your aren’t.

An unemployed US born citizen.

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  1. July 29, 2011 10:50 am

    I have worked in retail for several years and am a firm believer in customer service. Like you, I cringe when I see disgruntle workers who treat the customer or client as if they have stench; or they look pissed that they have to deal with you. Ugh. It’s just depressing. I always wonder what the manager or boss is like to have hired such mean people who do not have a clue as to how to treat the customer/client. Just venting!

    • July 30, 2011 10:50 am

      So true, then I return to the place for the same appointment and they allow a woman in who was 20 minutes late. Yet they made me return. It’s crazy

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