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Diary of the Unemployed

July 13, 2011

It’s been a little over a month since I started my life as one of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed people currently in the United States. I’m hitting the pavement looking for work and hoping not to go much longer without a day job because I’m most likely driving everyone at home crazy although I’ve been trying really hard not to.

I’m one of those people that has to keep myself constantly busy as a result I started a new Art Journal so far I’ve got a theme of skulls going many of you who know me know that I love day of the dead skulls and motifs. So I started my journal with these two beauties.



Then I started my newest project of creating a chalk board in my work room and somehow, I managed to get myself so side tracked that today I suddenly remembered that the board is 1/2 finished.

In the meantime, we’ve been preparing for the Bridgeport Art Fest taking place this Saturday from 12 noon to 6pm and we’ve had an assembly line of sorts going on for the voodoo dolls and wish pouches. But it hasn’t been all work we also had time to play and visited NYC.


That trip left me exhausted and with blistered feet. Somehow in my lovely brain when we go into the city I have to walk every where least I miss something so we ended up footing it to SOHO from Grand Central and back again. But it was well worth it we got to meet Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant the masterminds behind Reno 911 and movies like Night at the museum, and they left with some awesome gear.


We also took our yearly pilgrimage to Mystic CT. Yes I said Mystic CT where we venture on a yearly basis to pay homage to another year of my life and I am given offering of fish and chips and fudge. And thankfully I have a husband and kid who for the most part humor my insanity. Nothing like eating fish and chips from Mystic now somewhere in my rattling brain Mystic = the freshest fish in town mind you realistically it’s probably frozen but I will continue to live in my fantasy world thank you. Then we headed to RI to check out some shops and some how we still can’t figure it out we ended up in Mass. After finding the store we were looking for closed we headed back to CT and stopped once again in Mystic for some Mystic Pizza. Uh yea the fish was better.

So that was the gist of our exciting few weeks. Oh and before I go there is a little contest going on visit my Facebook page and post a photo of yourself wearing your favorite stilettos both gals and yes even you guys out there post your pic and then get your friends to tag themselves to it the photo with the most tags will win a Free Skype Reading and a tee-shirt and just because we love you anyone who tags themselves to a photo can email us at to get a discount on their order.

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