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Intuitive Readings

July 6, 2011

As many of you know I’ve been doing psychic readings for over 20 yrs now.  I am using the word psychic in this post although I actually perfer not to use that label.  A lot of times when you think of psychics you think of the old theatrical witch  in a turban or the party psychic/magician.  Although I do, do parties I am not your run of the mill reader.

Even if your a newbie to readings and are afraid of what I will say or a seasoned client who comes regularly or someone who just need some clarity on a life issue there is one thing I know about you before you even start to shuffle the deck and that is that you are here because you’ve arrived at a crossroad in your life and your looking for help and guidance.

A real tarot reading will be intrusive and will lay your issues out on a table for you to openly see.  Not to many people to do this just for fun.  When I do a reading I will tell you what I see and sense from your energy.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I won’t sugercoat it but I promise I won’t be cruel either. 

The basis behind an intuitive reading is that it serve to guide you towards your future goals.  I like to say that the future is not set in stone, we are the creators of our life path based on our actions and decisions.  The readings should be used as a method to help you better navigate those roads, by giving you clear warnings as to what might happen good or bad if you do not change or create a different circumstance.

Sometimes when I read for someone I am confirming that what they are doing is the right thing.  Sometimes I am confirming that they are heading down a road they might want to reconsider.

I often get asked how soon should I come back for a reading. One of the things that I suggest is that each person do whatever comes naturally.  However, my recommendation is that readings do not go beyond a 4 to 6 week period.  One of the reason I suggest this is because this allows you the client to see your progress and to make notes of any changes and new issues that might be arising as your traveling along the road of life. 

So before I end this post I’d like to say that I understand how difficult change is I understand that you contacting me is a brave step towards your life goals. For those of you that are considering a reading and are still reluctant I’m inviting you to open yourself up to new posibilities.  I’d like to  thank all of you who have opened yourselves and have allowed me to enter your lives as a friend.

To find out more about our intuitive readings and other services visit for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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