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Diary of the Unemployed

June 28, 2011

Well, I’m on week 3 or maybe it’s week 4 of being unemployed I honestly have no clue how long it’s been as I write this I think I’ll have to go check my calendar when I’m done here.I’ve actually found that I’m missing days a very strange feeling if you ask me so now I’m making it a point to keep track of what day it actually is. 

Then I’m kinda still waiting to feel utterly devastated and depressed about the fact that I got Das’ Boot from my job of 13 yrs but that just hasn’t happened as of yet.  Which in hindsight I suppose is a good thing.

So since I have all of this time on my hands or so I’ve been lead to believe that I would be utterly bored being home all day when in actuality I don’t have time to do everything that needs to be done in between the chaos and craziness I found time to create some new items for our new sister shop on Etsy it’s called “Fabulously Felt” and you can check it out here.

I’ve created like crazy these past couple of days and that is in the mist of doctors appointments, cooking, cleaning, laundry and job hunting.

Felt Flower HeadbandHairclip

And even my husband got into creation mode and added some new designs to our shop.

Funny Tee

very funny tee

 And the excitement at home never ends.  Between my mother, brother, 15 yr old kid, husband, dog and cat there is always some sort of craziness going on.  But so far I’m doing okay and can’t really complain. 

Our goal is to get up and running at full steam and with baby steps do the same with

So show us some support check out our websites, leave feedback, buy a little something, tell us what you like, etc because we always value what you think.

So that’s it for today until the next episode of Diary of the UnEmployed (please read that last one with a dramatic voice).

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  1. Grateful Hippie permalink
    July 8, 2011 7:17 am

    Becoming unemployed started me off on the path of employment freedom. Never again will I work for another.

    • July 8, 2011 10:08 pm

      Well that’s what I’m hoping will happen for me and my husband not only do we want to be free to work for ourselves but be financial free also. What made you decide to go into working for yourself?

      • Grateful Hippie permalink
        July 11, 2011 5:56 am

        I have ADHD and have always had problems making it to work. Always seemed to get distracted on my way to work: fishing, beach, whatever. After losing my last job when i was 22 (am 42 now) I decided to turn my hobby into my work. Decided that i just cant work for someone else.

        I found that when I was making crafts and selling them at craft shows, flea markets, festivals, i did not get distracted. Just the opposite. My focus is razor sharpe. The added bonus is I enjoy working for myself.

        It has not been all roses. It was kinda hard to learn to live modest. Had a couple times at the start where i went without food. Not to mention all the friends and family that told me i was crazy and should “see the real world”.

        I am not getting rich. There are no international 1st class flights or things of this nature. In fact my wife and i live very modest. Here is the good part. We are not stressed out at all. Not to mention i wake everyday looking forward to making more tie dyes.

        All in all, it was the best thing i have ever done for myself.

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