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Dear Dad

June 19, 2011

Dear Dad,

I’ve been trying to write you a letter for the past couple of days now.  Who’d a though  I would be having such a hard time getting my feeling onto paper.  I though I  would have been a rush of emotions since it’s the first Father’s Day we have without out.  But the only thing I feel right now is Sadness.  Sad because you’re not here and I really really miss you.

Dad circa 1950

 Sadness because there were so many things left undone or unsaid.  I know that towards the end I didn’t have to say the words I love you cause you already knew that.  I wanted you to know that although there is no plot to visit, no headstone that bares your name you will never be forgotten.

Dad in the middle

 Anyway Dad  the only words that I can say right now at this moment is I love you, I miss you and Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the last ray of love you saw.

Dad circa 1960


Dad 1980

Dad and me for my Confirmation

 I Love You Dad always will.

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