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Roller Derby, Pinups, Mermaids and Pirates!

June 1, 2011

Roller Derby, Pinup Girls, Mermaids and Pirates! Yes I LOVE them all!!! So, let me give you the low-down.

First I got creative and made the Rosie the Riveter Voodoo Doll. 


She actually started off as just a Pinup Voodoo but ended up becoming Rosie.  Then on the perpetual creative road I made a Derby Doll Voodoo.  I *Heart* the Roller Derby. Heck I’d be a derby girl myself if I could actually skate but alas I never learned so about the only thing I could do for a team is root them on or throw myself at the opponents which actually works for me.

Derby Doll.. Notice the Skates?

Close up of Helmet

Ok so that was my creative moment and of course the dolls are available at right now so if you’re a derby girl or guy and want to help your team out get our derby doll voodoo doll! Heck if you want your team colors give me a shout and I’ll custom make one for you.
Ok so  I’m now going to throw in a little movie review.  Pirates of the Caribbean it was actually good. Now Pirates is another thing I like, pirates, mermaids, fairies, you get the gist right? Anyway the last Pirate movie left me a bit disappointed so I was hesitate to spend my time and money in seeing this one. But I was pleasantly surprised the movie wasn’t great but it was good. The plot and story line where good and the Mermaid scene was pretty darn exciting.  If your into pirates I definitely recommend seeing it even though throughout the movie I did keep looking at the time thinking this is way to long but it was good in the least a heck of a lot better than the last one. 
And the BEST thing? I think this movie kicked in my creative juices so I’m sure a mermaid voodoo and pirate voodoo will be seen gallivanting around soon so stay tuned for more fun stuff from us.
Happy Mermaid Hunting and I do hope everyone is enjoying the Hot weather!
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