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Oh You Cougar-liscious Zombie You!

May 24, 2011

We’ve been really busy these past few weeks preparing for the 2nd annual Brazen Betties birthday bash.  We had tons of fun while there met a lot of great friends both new and old

Dee Nasty from the CT Roller Girls and her little one.


Julia Sloan of Brazen Betties and her voodoo doll Senor Mustache.

and we even got to witness a Zombie crawl.



I didn't know the Walking Dead could text. Awesome!


Apparently they shop too.

And just for the special occasion we had new Funny Little Voodoo Doll family members.

Like our Cougar Doll for those aspiring to be Cougar-Liscious!


And our Mafia Princess

Mafia Princess

We even had a Rock Star

Rock Star

And celebrated Carnaval!


We ended up having tons of fun and look forward to next years event!



Me and My Voodoo Babies

And don’t forget to look out for us during local summer out-door events where you can pick up one of our

Funny Little Voodoo Dolls for the Good Voodoo that you do! 

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