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Take a Journey by Journaling.

May 16, 2011

Did you know that  Journaling is one of the best forms of therapy out there?  What journaling does is that it allows you to write down your thoughts and feelings in a personal and private way this avoids the feelings of judgment we often have when we are talking to others about our problems. 

Cindy and her Madina Lake Journal

Now-a-days journaling can be done online or on your ipad, ipod, pda, phones, and even on some internet websites or blogs, life has become digital.  Although I’m not totally against online journaling a while back I realized how important it is to journal with pen and paper.  

This is especially true for the younger kids who live in a world of digital programs, games, movies leaving little to no actual writing.  I’m not sure if you’ve notice but take a look at social networking sites such as Facebook and you’ll see how most of our youth have not only lost the ability to censor themselves but also the ability to write.  Now I’m not the best speller and my grammar sucks but it amazes me how bad this problem has become. 

The Alice and Wonderland Journal

After years of teaching classes on creative journaling I decided to start making journals with themes that would be attractive to kids as well as adults.  Many of the journals made were done by special request and I made it a point to keep the cost of the journals fairly in-expensive so that they would be affordable. 

What many parents don’t realize is that many kids actually like to journal.  And journaling not only involves written words but also can include drawings, photos, cut our from magazines, flowers, etc.  There are times my own teen wanders out of her room journal in hand and it’s over flowing with items she’s collected throughout her travels. 

Another great thing about journaling is that it gives you a really clear view on your personal progress and can help you work out issues in your life.  It’s a great therapeutic tool to use as you progress through your own self-development.

Although the journals are no longer available online I do often make them by special request so if you’re looking to have a personalized journal you can contact me for more information.  I also have journals available at our creative journaling classes which will resume this summer.

For more information on our Creative Journaling Class or our handcrafted personalized journals contact us today at

Write On!

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