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New Orleans St. Louis #1

January 26, 2011

Alright so, as I don’t have my wedding photos yet I’m going to keep everyone entertained with photos of the St. Louis cemetary #1 in New Orleans we’re the Famous Marie Laveau is buried. 

Actually one of my goals while in NOLA was to visit her grave and leave her an offering which I can say I got to do – Check that off my bucket list.  Anyway, we went on a tour of the cemetary and our guide explained how the cemetary was originally in another location and the dead were buried under ground problem was that when it rained if you where sitting having dinner chances where you’d glance out your window and see aunt Rita who died last week floating past your window.

Residents figured hmmm.. not a good idea so they slowly moved the cemetary a number of times until it ended up at its present location. 

St. Louis #1

City of the Dead

One of the interesting things about the cemetary aside from the amazing tombs was the eerie silence in there.  We were surrounded by a major road, some projects, a number of buildings and yet not a sound in the cemetary, nor any live creatures except for a bird we spotted perched on top of one of the tombs.

St. Louis #1

and then we came across a curious sight. Standing in the mist of all these beautiful tombs was this

Thank you Nicol (ASS) Cage

Ok so this tomb belongs to none other than Nicolas Cage. Boy what a way to F things up Nick! Seriously he couldn’t stick to the traditional style of tombs he had to go with a Pyramid that stands out like a sore thumb.  I’m sure the people of New Orleans are pleased with that (Not).

A symbol of Love

then you have a tomb like the one above.  Lovingly painted by a 78 year old man who decorates the tomb of his dead grandmother and had done so for all his life.  I was told he is the only person allowed to do this in the cemetary so it’s the only tomb decorated in this fashion.

and of course the creme of la creme Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau

I actually got to leave an offering and pray at her tomb.  I’ve waited a long time for this and finally got a chance to do it.

Leaving an Offering

and as you can see we left her a tee shirt as an offering.

the offering

Needless to say it was pretty wild to get a chance to be there and see these amazing graves and beautiful structures.


I hope we get back there some day so I can see some of the other cemetaries unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go to the other ones.  I would definitely recommend visiting St. Louis #1 just don’t desecrate Marie’s grave with the xxx marks simply lay your hand on her tomb and ask what you came to ask for.

Good Night Grave Crawlers.

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