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New Orleans Wedding, New Life and Ghost!

January 22, 2011

So this is my first post of the year.  I wanted to wait till after we got married to go ahead and start not only my new life but a new post so without further ado.

We started the year with a trip to New Orleans, LA where we tied the knot.

January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

I’ll post more pics later of our wedding and blog about how our day went. But I know a lot of you have been asking if I saw any ghost while visiting NOLA.  Truth is YES I did… and even caught some on film.

On Thursday night we went on the Haunted History Tour.  Our first stop was at an old house where a woman who wanted nothing more than to marry her lover lived.  She was 17 yrs old and according to the story her lover came to visit her one evening she immediately started to ask when they’d marry back then their marriage would have been illegal but he had put in her head that he would figure out a way for them to marry.  So he was having a bad day, and told her look if you go outside in the freezing rain naked and sit on the roof to prove your love to me I’ll marry you.  Unfortunately she did it and as a result died on the left hand side of the roof.

I lighted the photo so you can spot the orb on the left side of the building roof top.


We continued on to what is the oldest bar in New Orleans. Called the Black Smith we walked in and at that point I felt I needed some heavy-duty booze to continue the tour (long story) so I asked Rob to get me a drink and I walked off into the back of the bar to a room no one was in the room at the time it was fairly dark and as I rounded the corner into the room the only way I can describe what happened to me was that my chest tighten up and I felt searing pain run through me.  Now these kinds of things aren’t new to me having come from a long line of spiritualist I was literally born with Psychic abilities so typically I will pick up on any events or feelings/ghost a building might have. 

When I got the feeling I turned quickly and ran back towards the bar nearly knocking over a guy that was coming in behind me.  I wanted to see if Rob could feel it and as we rounded our way back into the room I said there is something in that corner or someone.  As Rob and I where talking an elderly bartender comes into the room with another couple and heads right to the corner I’m speaking of and proceeds to tell us how a gentleman was stabbed to death on that corner.  Stabbed with such force that the blade ran him through and marked the wall behind him.

knife marks on the wall

sitting where the stabbing occurred

As we were in the room I turned to walk away and noticed a face on the wall.

Face at the Black Smith Bar NOLA

No one at the bar could explain why that was on the wall. One of our final stopped was a home previously owned by Nicolas Cage.  According to our Tour Guide he moved out one night with his family and never returned. Shortly later he sold the house for a lot less than he purchased it.  The house has one of the worst histories in NOLA a wealthy  woman held slaves in secret compartments in her bedroom where she preformed horrible experiments.  Later excavations found dozens of bodies buried on the grounds.  We started off using our regular camera but within a few moments the camera battery died.  So I pulled out my smaller digital and caught these.


We also stopped at the Andrew Jackson hotel which is haunted and another hotel that was previously a military hospital.  Aside from the photos the only other experience I had was having the blankets pulled off of me on one of the nights at the hotel. 

NOLA is rich in haunted history and experiences.  We got to visit cemetaries and tons of other places and I’ll blog about those also in the near future in the mean time..good night and don’t let the ghosties bite….BOO!

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