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Exciting News!

December 9, 2010

So some of you might recall a few years back when we announced the merging of our business and creating of Now we have more exciting news and want to announce that we will be getting married and merging not only the business but our lives and commitment to each other. We’ve officially set a place, date and time for our wedding.  So here goes.

We will be married on January 19, 2011. We’ve book our trip to New Orleans and hired the Minister and photographer.

This past weekend we went to Davids and thanks to my Awesome Future Hubby the dress is on its way to be altered and cleaned and we should have it by December 29th.

The Dress

And he caved and got me the Red shoes I was drooling over.

I love my RED SHOES!

 And we ordered our rings

Wedding Bands

and since I can’t take live flowers and refuse to pay for flowers I haven’t seen I decided to go ahead  and make a button bouquet.  I thought it would be cute and whimsical.

Button, Button whose got the Button

So now it’s reality I can’t believe we are actually heading down this road but here we are preparing to make the ultimate commitment to each other.  I have to say I’m a pretty lucky girl (yes I know he’s lucky to have me too) but in all honestly I have to say that Rob has been a solid rock supportive of all my crazy idea and moments of crafting and art lunacy (yes I take full responsibility for the gray hairs) and although we’ve had some rough patches we’ve managed to get over them and have actually become closer and our bond stronger as a result.

So the official countdown begins wish us luck as we embark on this new chapter of our lives.

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