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When Vitamin D Attacks – how much is too much?

December 1, 2010

Well I guess I’m on a roll with the attacking vitamins.  I had been taking huge large vitamins in order to try to keep me from becoming anemic.  Since I had my surgery I’ve struggle with my iron levels.  I was starting to feel fairly good and went in for a physical a couple of weeks ago.  A few days after my physical I got a call from the nurse at my Doctor’s office and she informed me that I was severely vitamin D deficient. 

Now my first reaction was how in the hell is that even possible considering I’ve been taking these horse pill prenatal vitamins and gross fish oil pills, but apparently that just wasn’t helping me.  So the Doctor prescribe 50,000 units of vitamin D.  I was told to take 1 pill every week for 8 weeks and then go back in for some more blood test.

With any type of weight loss surgery you can become vitamin deficient.  Your body just loses the ability to absorb a lot of what you eat and the fact that you barely eat doesn’t help.  So I’ll be the first person to tell you that it’s really important that you take your vitamins.  I had a scare about a year ago with my iron dropping dangerously low and was almost carted off to the hospital for blood transfusions.  I had no idea how low it was because of course my body had adjust to the lack of iron and I was operating on fumes but operating none the less.

So I’ve made it a point to try to keep my levels up since that episode. The last thing I want is to have to go and get a blood transfusion for something that I can prevent by taking vitamins so when the doctor told me 50,000 units I was like hmmm that’s a bit much but ok.

So I took my first dose and a day later notice that I was feeling jittery as the days progressed my jitters increase and I became nauseated and ironically the pain in my hip decreased but I developed pains in my the joints of my fingers and was becoming increasingly drowsy taking naps after work which I never do.  I chalked it up to stress and left it at that but as I was getting closer to the second dosing date and I had started to vomit constantly and my heart was racing like crazy.  Again I attributed it to my VBG it’s not unlikely for me to vomit due to not chewing or eating the right things.  But I couldn’t explain why it was that every time I puked my heart would race like crazy.

I took dose number 2 on a Tuesday by Wednesday my vomiting had increased, my heart was racing, I couldn’t take any of my other meds because I was vomiting them up I was extremely thirsty.  I would drink and puke, eat soup and puke, do nothing and puke. I was beyond exhausted.  I spent Thanksgiving weekend in bed something that I rarely if ever do. 

I had no temperature nothing showing I was suffering from the flu or anything like that.  On Monday of the following week I was finally able to reach my doctor who told me to get off the Vitamin D.  Apparently although some people benefit from large doses of vitamin D in other’s it can be not so good.  I happen to be one of those lucky folks. 

Now my doc won’t admit that I might have gotten toxic over the high dose of vitamin D as the word is that it’s almost impossible to OD on it.  However, I beg to differ.  After a two weeks of horror I can tell you that large massive doses of vitamin d are not good at least for me they are not. 

As the days have progressed I’m starting to feel better.  Although I’ve probably lost more weight which I’m not really trying to do.  I was given a medication in order to take care of the vomiting and it has lessened somewhat but the achy feeling is still there. 

The doctor wants me to go ahead at take 5,000 units 1x a day which ad up to 35,000 units a week a smaller dose then the 50,000 but honestly I’m terrified to take it.  This has definitely not been a pleasant experience and one I don’t want to re-live. 

I know taking this vitamin is important the lack of Vitamin D can wreak all sorts of havoc on your body so I’m going to do as the doctor says and cross my fingers and hope that I can tolerate the smaller doses. 

A few things that I’ve learned from this are:

15 mins a day outside between the hours of 8am and 10am can give you your daily requirement of vitamin d.

having a well balance breakfast of OJ, milk, cereal fortified with Vitamin D is also helpful,

The doctors have used Vitamin D as a miracle pill.  They say it helps everything and lacking in it will cause all sorts of issues,  however doctors need to remember that not everyone is the same. I also think that sometime doctors don’t take into consideration that after weight loss surgery your system is changed and your ability to absorb is drastically impaired.

Please remember before taking any vitamin to speak to your doctor and ensure that your really need it because over dosing is seriously not a good thing. 

So next week I’ll start the new dosing levels and see how it goes. Hopefully it will work out and I’ll have figure out a good dosing level. 

Wish me Luck!

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