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Spam and not the kind you eat

November 19, 2010

Ok, so I’ve been blogging here for about a year now and I love and welcome all the comments and thoughts I get on my postings.  I really do like to hear what people have to say and what their opinions are and I’m always inviting people to share their thoughts on here.

The only problem I have is with Spam Commenter’s.

Ok, you have a business out there and you want to plug it. I get it, I have a business to and yup I want to plug my business as often as possible.  But when your posting stupid comments on my blog just to get your website address to show up… well then that there my friend is just plain unacceptable.

See here is a little secret these Spam Commenter’s don’t seem to know or choose to ignore and that is that here on wordpress you can edit anyone’s comment.

So you think you’re going to post your website on my hard working blog to get pushed through for free? And to boot you don’t even have the courtesy to ask me if you can post your website? Well then guess what I’m going to have to do… YUP you got that right I’m going to EDIT your comment.

Why do I edit the comment instead of deleting it all together? well it’s really simple here I don’t want to be the bad “gal” here I want to try and make everyone as chippy and cheerful as possible and I know you dear spammer have taken the time and energy to go through the trouble of posting your comment and I sincerely think it should be pushed through and seen by the masses.  So I go ahead and push your comment through… yes dear spammer my beloved friend… I simply push approve… that is after I’ve edited out your website address…

Oh let’s get real here I think it’s simply hilarious that these spammers go through all that trouble… and it’s freaken funny that they come back here and clearly see that I’ve edited their comment yet they continue to throw in comments.. I guess they enjoy wasting their time.

Point is if you’re spamming on my blog I have a simpler way for you to get your website plugged by me.  Yes here at Stilettoteez we do offer a cross promotion service and we are more than happy to plug your wares away and our rates are pretty darn good considering.

So if you’d like to advertise on our website or blog then you can stop wasting your time and mine by simply emailing me at and I’ll be happy to inform you on how our cross promo services work.

So Dear spammers shoot me and email and we can work it out.  I’ll be happy to stop editing your comment and why yes my dear friend I’ll even give you a shout out on my facebook page.

Love and Huggies

Marisol from

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  1. ava forex permalink
    December 2, 2010 4:06 am

    I’m wondering now if we can talk about your sites statistics – search volume, etc, I’m trying to sites I can buy adspace through – let me know if we can talk about pricing and whatnot. Cheers mate you’re doing a great job though.

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