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I said YES YES YES! My Friggin Wedding drama and delight

November 14, 2010

So, today we were in Jersey for some meetings and then had an opportunity to sit down with Johnny Meatball’s father, Johnny is from the show “My Big Friggin Wedding”. John Sr. Meatball was great, what a nice down to earth guy and it was great chatting with him.  Later we drove down or up I never quiet get my directions right and stopped at Carlos’ Bakery where they film “Cake Boss” although we didn’t get to go inside since the line to get in was 2 blocks long!

On the way home we were trying to head into the city but of course Rob should know by now that letting me man the cell phone navigational system means we will get lost since again I’m totally directionally impaired and we ended up heading back home instead of the direction we intended to go. So we decided to stop once again at David’s Bridal to see if I could try on a few more dresses.  Now we’ve decided to bump up the wedding date, I wanted more time to plan but Rob feels we should just do it! like the Nike commercial so we are waiting to hear on some upcoming events before setting an official date but instead of October it seems like we will get married in March/April or May of 2011. 

This causes a bit of a problem because bumping up the date means that our budget is now shaved off somewhat and we also decided to elope just the two of us to New Orleans instead of having a reception, etc.

Keeping this in mind when the bridal consultant at David’s asked me my budget I said $500 or well as low under $500 as possible.  So off she went to get dresses that fit our budget and she came back with a few. Mind you I was bummed at the fact that the dress that I had originally tried on the “tear jerker” as I refer to it was over budget.  Not by much but it was $549. So, I figured I’m sure to find something else that will be just as nice. 

First let me apologize for the messy hair do.  I was pretty much windblown from being in the car and had my hair clipped up most of the day so I was a mess by the time we got to the bridal shop.

Anyhow on to the dress, I tried on dress #1 it was $249 but it was awfully heavy and I literally didn’t want to come out of the dressing room.  

telling the consultant I don't like this dress.

The dress was definately not me and I just envisioned myself scratching my skin while wearing it.

Looking Pityful

So the consult had me try on this one

Eh.. Okay

This dress was pretty and I’m probably going to get shot down for saying this but I felt like my old fat self in this dress.  I refered to it as the “Fat” girl dress it was just that it gave me that feeling of being big again.  So I quickly took it off.

The Consultant “Terry” was her name then had me try on this dress.


The dress was beautiful


It fit like a glove and would need minimal altering

Getting ready to try on shoes

And the best part was it was only $199. and had a $50 off discount which was well below my budget.  But I just couldn’t say yes to this dress.  It was lovely, it was nice, it was elegant but it wasn’t that first dress.  To make sure and against the consultant’s advice I decided to go ahead and retry on the “tear jerker” dress


That was a completely STUPID idea on my part. I put the dress on Stepped out onto the little round pedestal and teared up.  UGH I was so upset this was clearly the dress I wanted but was over budget.  After standing in front of the mirror for what seemed like hours.

The Train

Rob finally made the decision for me and said “Yes” to this dress.  He assured me we’d figure it out it was the best dress for me and he loved it just as much as I did.

Watching it being bustled

So we said YES YES to the dress.  I’m having them add a small bolero jacket which is pink here but it will be cream like the dress when I get it and we got $50 off which took the dress to $1 under my budget although with the alterations etc it will end up being closer to $700 but  that will be later closer to the wedding date.

So maybe there won’t be a horse drawn carriage ride down the streets of New Orleans or perhaps will nix the idea of dinner in one of the best restaurants there. BUT I got my dress and I’m so happy it’s undescribable.

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