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Lions and Tigers and Wedding Dresses…Oh My

November 7, 2010

The Wedding Plans have begun. On Saturday we went to our very first trip to the dreaded wedding dress shop.  I was totally a nervous wreck and sat there like a dear caught in headlights for most of the experience.  Now mind you this isn’t my first time down the aisle, but the first time I got married I didn’t do the wedding dress shopping. My  mom chose a dress I went and tried it on and that was that besides the fact that I weighed 200+ lbs at the time and back then find a plus size dress that was fitting wasn’t that great of an experience.

So we head to David’s Bridal no appointment we just walked in and I literally had no idea what to expect but we were immediately greeted at the door and ushered to a desk where they took down some information.  I was asked if I had a dress in mind and frankly I didn’t so I was given a book to look through and found 2 styles that I liked and one that I tossed in just for the experience.

Off we went they sat Rob in a chair to wait and I was taken into the dressing room to try on dress #1

I still have that deer caught in headlights look.

I’ll apologize for the crappy photos now but we used the cell phone anyway I loved loved loved this dress it was all ivory but we added the red jacket and sash and of course the hot red shoes.  I loved the dress because it fit my personality completely. It was very retro and something I would totally feel comfortable in.

Although I loved dress #1 I decided to try on dress #2

Vaaaa Vaaaa Vooooom

Dress #2 was sexy, it was pure white but we decided to add the red to this one also.  It was a beautiful dress but I just didn’t feel bridal in it and I still loved dress #1.

Then just for the sake of it I decided to go ahead and try on dress #3


Now dress #3 was not my style, definitely not my first choice but I thought it was lovely and elegant and I figured what the heck might as well try on a “real” wedding dress.  Now there are no mirrors in the room where they help you get into the dress so I have no idea how I’m going to look and I do not put on the shoes because I figured why chance tripping and falling.

I walk out

Step on the small round stage

Turn and look in the mirror and

My eyes begin to glaze over with tears and I’m thinking to myself.. WTF!!!! This isn’t supposed to happen this dress isn’t my style, choice, or dream dress so why am I crying but the dress was amazingly beautiful and I looked and felt like a bride.

In the end I didn’t buy anything because I was an emotional wreck and couldn’t decide between #1 and surprisingly #3.  I did schedule an appointment to go back again but in the meantime I decided to go ahead and apply to be on the show “Say Yes to The Dress” so I filled out the application and they requested I send in a photo so I decided to send them this one.

Say Yes to the Dress Head Shot

So Uh.. let’s see if they call me in.. oh and  David Tuttera I’m still waiting for your call…you have my number!

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