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Stinky People need not apply – Skipping the Shower

November 3, 2010

Ok so I am reading an article today about people who are skipping the use of deodorant and showers.  Apparently there is concern that the deodorant has health risk because many contain aluminum. They are also saying that taking less showers conserves water and prevents your skin from drying out.

Read the full article here STINKY PEOPLE (that’s not the actual name of the article).

Ok so I’ll admit I have forgone a shower every once in a rare blue moon where I’m too sick to literally get out of bed. The longest I went was a week after surgery and it was driving me nuts because I simply have to have my daily shower if not I feel simply gross.


So how are these people taking care of their daily hygiene. Well they are wiping themself down with wetnaps (you can insert dumbfounded look here) and using lemon wedges as deodorant choosing to shower a couple of times a week.  

Yea um… the use of wet ones to wipe myself down is just not appealing and there is no way I’m going to use a lemon to wipe down my underarms and to prevent dry skin try drinking more water and something called lotion that does help.

If people are so concerned about the toxins in deodorant why not buy the natural stuff which works just as well and ok  forego a shower every other day but dear lord taking only one or two showers a week is well just plain gross! I’m not judging.. well yea I am… Oh and there is a rise in the use of dry shampoo. Did you know birds do something similar they fluff around in dirt to clean themselves off.. save money and give yourself a dust bath because if your going to forego showers, deodorant and shampoo you might as well roll around in the dirt.

The other day we were standing in line at a store and in front of us was a young man who reeked of sweat. The smell was horrific and he was pretty young seemed to be in his late teens and what looked like his mom was with him and all I could think was if that was my kid he wouldn’t leave the house without a shower or I’d be standing at the door spraying him down with lysol.

Ok I don’t have a problem with going au natural I’ve refused to shave my legs at times until Rob has yelled at me for having prickly legs, but when it comes to showering that’s a must when you smell so bad that people wander away from you I’m going to safely bet that, that’s not a good thing and another question I have is don’t people smell themselves? I mean don’t you realize your funky?

So it seems like skipping showers is becoming a trend and if that’s the case I’ll be wandering around with a clothes pin on my nose.


After reading this article all I can say is Shower here I come.

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