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Chased by the Headless Horeman

November 1, 2010
This years haunted happenings at was a visit to Sleepy Hallow NY, Where Washington Irvin penned the story “the Legend of Sleepy Hallow”
Pumpkin Head

This was the first time we ever visited Sleepy Hallow, we headed over to the cemetery where Washington Irving is buried and where the church which he made famous in his story stands.

Old Dutch Church

They actually still hold services at this church but it was relatively empty when we arrived.


The Altar

Old Pipe Stove used to Heat the Church

The church is extremely small more like a chapel but has such beautiful details like the pipe organ that sits on the second floor balcony.

Church Organ

After a short time in the church we headed out to the cemetery which sits on over 90 acres of land. 

Tomb Stone

cemetaries are awesome the gothic look of the stones and the silence is eerie. We wandered around taking photos of all the stones.

Tree with Eyes, um inappropriate maybe?

The property was massive so we needed to use our handy-dandy map.

Finding our way

The Gate to the Irving Family Plot

Washington Irving's Grave

Washington Irving was born in 1783 he was a Lawyer, Diplomat and Author.  He’s also known as the first american to have earned a living by writing. No starving artist here. He is the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow and Rip Van Winkle which are classic American literature.

Tons of Above Ground Tombs

The mausoleums where amazing the architecture was amazing. The only other place I ever visited with such nice gothic tombs was London.

There are a lot of lined up tomb stones

Beautiful ornate Gates

Family Plot


What seemed to be an infant was buried on top the parents underneath.


More Lined up Stones

 A lot of the stones were lined up in rows with smaller stone in front of them.  The smaller stones didn’t seem to be headstones they where more like markers.

Looking For Sleepy Hallow Bridge

After wandering the grounds for some time we decided to look for some of the landmarks of the cemetary. We headed on our search for Sleepy Hallow Bridge where Ichabod Crane escapes from the clutches of the Headless Horseman.

Sleepy Hallow Bridge

Actually the bridge we visited isn’t  the actual one from the story which was lost to the elements but it does sound like horses are running over it when a car drives over.

On the bridge

The River

We did a lot of walking around that morning.

Begging Rob to Drag me up the hill

and of course a little joking around.

YEA Jump!

We also found the grave stone of Elizabeth Arden whose real name was Florence Nightingale Graham.

Elizabeth Arden

I was actually a bit disappointed I figured she’d have a bigger stone maybe a statue but it was a simple headstone.  However we did find some pretty neat tombs talk about classic.

This one was huge

Beautiful looked almost like a drawing.

The visit to Sleep Hallow was great the cemetary is well worth the visit and it’s FREE.  We also stopped at their Visitor Center and took pics with their ghost and pumpkins.

Surrounded by Ghost

The pumpkin heads are found throughout the entire town.

It was a great place to visit. The weather was great a typical fall day. Crisp cool air and the sound of leaves as they crunch under your feet.

We even had a ghostly encounter, as we walked the wooded areas near the bridge we smelled the smell of horses.  There are no horses in the area but the smell was fairly strong. So we could only come to the conclusion that the Headless Horseman was in the area.

Running from the Headless Horseman

So until next year HAPPY HORRIFIC HALLOWEEN from all of us at STILETTOTEEZ.COM!

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