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Chocolate Covered Mice… Creepy yet delicious

October 30, 2010

In celebration of Halloween and for a Halloween Party this weekend I decided to make chocolate covered mice.  So I went down to my basement and started to trap the mice so they’d be fresh….. KIDDING!

Anyway, using a basic cake pop recipe I made chocolate covered mice and they where not only creepy but a big hit with the kids.

I started with the basic chocolate cake it was boxed because I was too lazy to make it from scratch.  I crumbled it up when it cools.

Oh poor perfect cake to be crumbled this way.

After I crumbled the entire cake into a large container I added some vanilla frosting to create a dough.

Mouse dough

Yes it doesn’t look appetizing but trust me it’s deliciously sinful.  After I had the dough mixed it’s pretty sticky so I wet my hands to keep it from sticking to much.  I then formed them, the mice that I wanted to have tails I added Maraschino Cherries and left the stem sticking out.

Tiny Army in formation

I then put them in the fridge for a bit of a rest and cool down in the mean time I cut up some twizzlers for the eyes.

The many uses of twizzlers

While I waited for the mice to cool down I baked a cake….. yes I’m insane…

When I start baking I start BAKING!


er... yummmmy

Ok so finally the mice cooled down and I started to decorate and prep them.

ohhh... ahhhh...

I covered the white mice in white chocolate I will add a disclaimer here it was NOT easy but it sorta worked. I added twizzlers for the eyes and pumpkin seeds for the ears.


and they were done! I let them cool again for the night in the fridge and then they where off to the party.

The best part of this project was watching the kids and adults alike trying to figure out which end to eat first.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! From all of us at

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