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A Day in the Life of… When Vitamins Attack

October 26, 2010

Alarm rings at 6am.

I get up and say “Have a Great day to my Teen”!

Jump back into bed because I’m freezing.

Alarm #1 goes off at 7am

Alarm #2 goes off at 7:10am

Alarm #3 at 7:15am

Alarm #4 well you get it

Roll out of bed at 8:00am

Wash up

dress up

Drink my Blood Pressure Meds

Rush to work

Get into the office and take my horse pill vitamin #1 – Gag

Gag some more

Drink a little tea

Take horse pill vitamin #2 Fish Oil – Gag

Gag some more

Drink Hot Tea

Promptly feel fish vitamin creeping pack up

Hold my breath hoping it will settle

drink more hot tea

feel the gross taste of fish – gag

yup gag some more

spend 30-45 minutes jumping up and down hoping to keep it down all the while burping up the smell and taste of tuna gone bad.

Realize I look like an idiot jumping around the office

finally feel it settle 

mix up my Fiber drink

Take 2 sips

Realized I forgot to turn the coffee pot on

run back to the kitchen

Go back to my Fiber drink turn the cup and realize nothing is coming out

look in the cup and notice a blob of orange goo

run back to the kitchen and pour water into it trying to salvage

realize I just used hot water

Gooey mix is now solid jello like substance

debate if I should try to eat it with a spoon

put a spoon full in my mouth and gag.. yup gag some more

throw out the cup with orange goo in the trash..

Debate if I should mix up another batch.

Suddenly burp more tuna flavoring now laced with orange tang taste.

realized it’s just not going to happen.

Decide to try to drink my protein drink

new flavor – yum

crack open the bottle

realize I didn’t mix it

close the bottle

mix it

open it

smells like laffy taffy

Think to myself I hate laffy taffy

take a drink


taste like a grape laffy taffy

hold my nose

drink the protein

gag some more

spend the rest of the day burping fruit flavored fish.

really consider if malnutrition is better than going through this every day.

watch as a clump of hair falls to the ground

yup it worth it

Living life with weight loss surgery

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  1. November 19, 2010 7:37 am

    give me now

    • November 19, 2010 12:14 pm

      give you what? oh wait your a spammer… I just posted about you my friend.. oh and did edit your site address..

      “call me” toodles..

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