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A Celebration of Life

October 24, 2010

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

This Saturday we celebrated my dad’s life. My mom and I invited friends and family over to enjoy some good food and music.  It was the first time in a number of years that my siblings and myself where all together in the same house. Unfortunately distance and life makes it a bit difficult for all of us to get together.

The elusive family photo

It was also the first time we actually where able to have a family photo taken. 

from left to Right my oldest brother Louis, my daughter Gabrielle, my sister Iris and my Brother Sam.

I did most of the cooking with the exception of the rice since I never quiet mastered making a pot of rice for 50 people my mom took that project on.

I made it a point to cook all my dad’s favorites.

Traditional Puerto Rican Horverdes made of Guava Paste, Cheese, Olives on a cracker.

Traditional Puerto Rican Roast Pork called Pernil Asado and it was AMAZING

Baked Apple Crumble


Preping the food I think there was a chain from my leg to the stove.

A lot of family and friends came over to play guitar with my father and the house was rocking.

Rocking the House

Dad and his buddies playing

The older crowd hung out in the living room playing music and the rest of us in the kitchen chit chatting.

Hanging out


We even have fur babies visiting us.

Fiona greeting her cousin Lexi

In the mist of celebrating my dad’s life we also took a moment to celebrate my moms by singing happy birthday.

Getting the birthday Cake Ready

I made her a 3 layer chocolate cake with vanilla chocolate chip filling and vanilla frosting. 

Blowing out the candles

My oldest brother in all his glory decided to wear one of his favorite tee-shirts and yes I did photo shop our family photo to remove the image.

Channeling my inner Pysco

 At the end of the night it was time and energy well spent my father enjoyed himself.

Getting some Suga' from his favorite child

Getting some Suga' from the woman whose tortured er..loved him for over 50 years.

We ended up having a nice weekend all of us under the same roof keeping my father entertained. We cracked open a bottle of wine and celebrated 78 years of his life and ours.

Posing for the Camera

And with each passing moment we realized how much more their is to celebrate.

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