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Offbeat Bride… zilla

October 21, 2010

I think I have the potential of becoming an offbeat bridezilla is that a bad thing?

As many of you know Rob my SO asked me to marry him back in February and he got me a beautiful ring.

February Ring #1

It’s a beautiful light blue Aquamarine stone surrounded by tiny diamonds.  I totally love the ring and so back when we first got engaged we started to think about wedding dates.  

The idea was to just sneak off quietly and get married although I will be wearing a nice wedding dress or so that was the plan.  We decided to go ahead and head to New Orleans and get married in front of the gates of the famous St. Louis cemetary …er did I mention I’m a bit creepy?  Anyway, unfortunately our plans didn’t go as we wanted my dad got sick, things got a bit crazy and so we postponed and had not set a new date.

A few weeks ago we decided on a new date October 15, 2011 to get married.  So I sent him a txt saying how does Oct 15, 2011 sound and he said great. 

And the wheels on the bus that is my brain started to turn a little but again things were put on the back burner because we had a few events taking place and then a dinner we are hosting for my dad.  These past couple of weeks have been insane between helping organize the fund-raising event for LAFOSinc. I was also organizing and planning the dinner for my dad and we had a few orders come in for custom tees that needed to be done on top of a few Steampunk Top Hats that needed to be packaged and sent out and of course I work full-time, needless to say It’s been nuts.

Then Tuesday evening rolled around and we had to deliver some orders. I rushed out of work jumped into the car and was met by this.

Engagement Ring #2

I’m pretty offbeat which is why I choose engagement ring #1 honestly diamonds and bling aren’t really my style but boy did I totally fall for this ring. It’s absolutely beautiful the details and awesomeness of it all made my heart skip a beat and brought me to tears and actually made me stop a moment and start to consider how I really want this special day to be.

Thankfully, Rob is letting me take the reins on doing whatever it is I want.  We’ve decided to plan to travel to mexico to get a wedding dress (insert *chihuahua style excited jumping* here) and we might just celebrate it with a small group of friends and family in our backyard.

So now after this Saturday’s dinner I can really start planning and thinking of what we are going to do. I can see myself going insane over the details and wanting it to be as perfect as possible, I’ll most likely become and insane bridezilla which will mean I will do everything myself to prevent “High Jackings” unless of course it’s David Tuttera whom I’ve already given permission to High Jack my wedding…

eeeehmmm David…Call me!

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