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Five Finger Discounts are SO not cool!

October 14, 2010

Well I’ve been trying really hard not to write topics on here that are dark and dreary but today I saw something that pretty much put me in a dark and dreary mood and it has nothing to do with the weather.

I’ve posted about this before in our blog but yet again it’s happened.

Almost a year ago I drew the following image:

My Voodoo Doll

We plastered it all over the website and facebook etc.  Like we do with many of our images and  today while I was surfing the net I came across this image:

Looks suspiciously familiar doesn't it?

Alright so it’s not an exact replica but the face is almost identical now I’m not going to go out right and accuse them of stealing our images but this isn’t a run of the mill occurence.

Like our LEGALIZE tee

Ripped off by Hot Topic

We created the image and about 2 months later we walk into hot topics to find guess what a similar image.  Coincidence? well not really as we had approached both Hot Topics and Spencers asking them if they’d be interested in carrying our merch a few months prior only to find that a number of our images later had been taken and were now being sold at both Hot Topic and Spencers.  This has led us to have to copyright many of our images so chances are you won’t find any of our tees being sold outside of

Now we are all for sharing and working together and a lot of work goes into the ideas, creating and processing of each design we make.  These are our creative works of art and it sucks to put so much effort into something only to have the big bullies run out and take it.  Because let’s be honest here Stilettoteez isn’t exactly a big roller we are more of a mom and pop shop.

Ironically when these shops got wind that we knew what they where doing they stopped answering our calls and emails.  Since we’ve started to copyright images we haven’t lost many of our designs but occasionally we go for a check to the shops and notice not the exact design but something very similar to what we have.

I can’t even begin to explain how disappointing that is.  A while back I started selling hair clips our pin-up girl hair clips very large brightly colored flowers were used, I started posting these on our Facebook and unfortunately another shop owner who was on our friends list ran with our idea of large bold clips.  Saddly it’s not just our designs that are taken and again it sucks.

I guess my point is again I’m all for sharing ideas, thoughts and helping each other out but when a bigger shop blatantley takes your products and makes them their own without even and acknowledgement that’s pretty cut throat and UN COOL in my book. 

One of our missions at is to work with other artist and acknowledge their talents and ideas. We know the importance of working together as a team and hope that this way we not only progress as a shop and individuals but also help others out in the process.

This being said we will “never give up, never surrend” and that my friends is taken from the movie Galaxy Quest 1999

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