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Apple Picking Fall Fun

October 4, 2010
I love apple picking now mind you I don’t eat much of the apples I pick because they aren’ t the easiest thing to eat digesting wise *insert sad face here* but I love apples so during apple picking season I trek out to the farms to pick.  This year we headed to the Blue Jay Orchards.

Getting My Apple Bag and Directions

Of course apple picking couldn’t begin without some fooling around and running off to where they had the cutouts for kids to take pictures. 

Yup I'm tall enough... Lets ROLL

But then I had the serious task of picking apples so off we went. 

Ok so I look tired and I haven't even started

So we wandered up and down the orchard looking for the nicest apples.  Some courtland apples to make a pie and some macintosh and ida red apples were added to the bag. 


Ick a worm! *kidding*

Of course I never take my work to seriously. 

Waiting for Rob to shoot the apple off my head

The day was beautiful the weather was great nice and cool and the sun was shining through the trees. 


Of course we couldn’t leave without getting some apple cider donuts and fresh hot kettle corn. 


Did I mention I can easily eat popcorn?  All in all it was a great day and now I have my bag full of apples ready for my apple pie.  I am attempting to make my own pie crust and will blog about that.  So until then.. Happy Fall and enjoy the nice cool weather. 

Fall Frolicking at Blue Jays

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