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Cooking with the Phat Girl – Beef Soup

September 26, 2010

As many of you know my dad is very sick and due to this and his age he eats very little.  So we try to get him to eat as healthy as possible.  So I wanted to share one of the recipes that I cook for my dad.   

Beef Soup

So when I make this soup typically I buy bones with very little meat but because we have to ensure my dad gets his protein I got 2 nice sized pieces of beef with bone and of course it’s essential for flavor and more to have the bones have marrow in them.   

Mr. Snarky my spoon

I rinse the beef in cold water and then dice it into small pieces if you want a less fatty meal then feel free to trim the fat off the beef.  For this batch I didn’t trim the fat off because the meat wasn’t that fatty to begin with.  After I dice the meat I then brown it in some olive oil.  

Make sure to throw the bones in the pot also.

I add a 2 heaping table spoons of Sofrito (found in the goya section at the supermarket or you can make your own). After the meat was browned I added black pepper, garlic powder, 2 beef bullion and salt to taste if it needs it and then I add 4 quarts of cold water partially cover it up with a lid and let it go into a full boil for about 30 minutes. While that’s boiling I chop up the veggies.  

Chop Chop

For this soup I used tomatoes, onions, corn, peas, potatoes and 1/2 cup of lentils and 1/2 cup of rice. I chopped everything very small to make it easier for my dad to eat but feel free to cut them in bigger chunks if you choose.  I toss in the tomatoes, onions and lentils  first and lower the heat on the stove to medium and let it simmer for an additional 35 minutes then I toss in the rest of the veggies and any veggies will do from carrots to pumpkin be creative and add your favorite veggies to the pot.  I also add the rice and let it simmer for another 30-35minutes.  

Now the reason I let it simmer so long is to ensure the beef is tender.  If I make the soup with chicken it requires less cooking time.   

Soups On

Then you can top with some croutons and a sprinkle of parm cheese or a dab of sour cream or just enjoy it the way it is.  


The great thing about this soup is that it’s a basic recipe you can get creative with its nutritious and if you have left overs freeze it up and your good to go at my house there never are left overs 😦 with winter upon us nothings better than a nice batch of home-made soup.  

So enjoy!  


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