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Through My Video Eye

September 1, 2010

So I’ve been throwing around an idea for a while about how to proceed with this blog.  Honestly it started as a window into my day-to-day living and morphed into my sharing about my weight loss surgery procedure which I had 7 years ago.   The blog was started also as a companion to our blog. 

But as I continued to write about my life with the weight loss surgery I notice a big following when it comes to discussions on weight loss and I have also notice that it’s increasingly hard to find people who are as far out from surgery as I am.  So I’ve decided in addition to the blog I’ll be uploading video diary entries so that I can share with you the process from start to finish of my weight loss and also clarify something and questions that to this day 7 years later I still have.

I’ll be bringing snips of what it’s like after weight loss surgery, I’ll be interviewing doctors, therapist and other specialist throughout this journey to bring some answers to those like me have done the surgery, are thinking of doing it or are in the process of having it done.  I also hope that in this way I can bring a few others who have had the surgery done and are more than 3 years out to step out and share their own stories.

So I invite you to join me as I get my feet wet with Video blogging and if your thinking of having weight loss surgery, have  had it done, have succeeded, haven’t succeeded or just want to share your own weight loss success story to be a part of my journey and send me your thoughts and comments.

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