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Please DON’T Super Size ME or my Chicken Nuggets

August 31, 2010

Ok, so I’m really late on the watching certain movies bandwagon.  But Yesterday I watched the movie Super Size me where this guy called Morgan Spurlock literally goes on a McDonald’s Binge for a month. 

Super Size Me!


One of the reasons that I had not watched the movie is because I literally have an aversion to watching people shovel food in their mouth.  So lacking the desire to get grossed out I avoided the movie.  Now let me state here that I’m not much of a fast food person even prior to my weight loss surgery fast food just wasn’t something I really enjoyed. Frankly usually after eating fast food I would typically suffer a lovely case of the runs.  Now I can get in a good 3 bites of a big mac before I have to run into the bathroom to vomit so fast food is not a wise choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I eat fast food occasionally actually a lot more than I should sometimes I feel like Pizza seems to be the family’s main staple. 

The truth is I love to cook, I love cooking healthy meals at home but the reality is I never have the time so Pizza it is or McD’s or Wendy’s I can go on and on.  I never thought of fast food as being damaging to the body.  But boy was this movie an eye opener.  

Most of us eat fast foods well because they are fast and frankly cheap.  So we are shoveling all these  processed foods into our bodies and of course these food contribute to the growing obesity problems in the US.  In the movie they interview a woman from France who states that the small size coke that we serve here is the largest size in France.   

Our bodies don’t really need a lot of food to survive, I am living proof of that.  I know I’ve mentioned this before but usually when I have let’s say some chicken nuggets I can get down two to three nuggets and that’s if I don’t eat the fries.   I eat anywhere from 3 to 4 ounces of food at a time. I’ve been eating this way for 7 years now and of course because of the surgery I have to make sure to take my iron pills etc but truth is you don’t need to supersize your meals there really is no reason to supersize anything.   

To put things into perspective.  You take your 4 year old to McD’s for a happy meal.  They order the cheese burger meal at a whopping 530 calories if you order a diet coke for them. Average caloric intake for a child is on average 1,500 for girls 1,700 those 530 calories may not seem like a lot but let’s say they have store purchased frozen nuggets for lunch? and let’s include the snacks, drinks, etc throughout the day.  It can add up and we aren’t taking into account the salt, fat, etc that is included in that happy meal.  Let’s say you go to McD’s on average 2-3 times a week? 

In the movie they interview a number of nutritionist who literally say you shouldn’t eat fast foods at all. We also see throughout the movie Morgan feeling sick, depressed, actually starting to get a high off the food he’s eating. You see him gain weight I believe over 25lbs in a month and in the end it takes him 18 months to lose it! His liver turns to fat, he basically becomes an all around mess.  

Even his doctors are shocked by what happens to him.  

Oh and the best part of the movie is  when they tell you what chicken nuggets are made of “chickens with extremely large breast” I actually had to rewind that to make sure I was hearing that right.  Which probably means lost of hormones that then translate to going into our kids bodies.  So now with the image of a DD boob sized chicken in my head yea I doubt I’ll be eating nuggets for quite some time.

Chicken Nuggets?

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