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Hark Hark Harken YE!

August 16, 2010

This weekend I had the pleasure of escorting Rob to his very first Renaissance Festival.  OH MY GOD! what a funny experience.  Ok I’ll admit it here I’m a geek! yes I do have a full Ren Fest Costume and although I don’t go every year anymore I certainly use to go.

In Full Geek Wear!

And would get dressed and do the whole Lingo bit. Hark who goeth there! Anyway, you get my drift. So I go with Rob and my daughter and surprisingly he didn’t rip the whole experience a new Hole.  He was a trooper and hung in there till about 2:30pm mind you we got there at 10am so he could have the entire opening ceremony experience.  Oh and no I was not dressed in costume.

My daughter and me pretending to pull the sword from the stone.

Ironically the one who had the hardest time being there was my daughter who likes the ren fest but being that she’s 14 now the whole experience was in her words “BORING MOM.. UGH” and of course to add to her boring horrible moment she had no cell phone reception which made the whole thing even worse in her eyes.

Her Royal Hiney

At one point during the day a group of women actors came rushing over to Rob and starting harassing him they where apparently looking for some gorilla who took something.. haha.. He was mortified and kept trying to hide behind me as I kept trying to step out-of-the-way finally the girls got the gist that he just wasn’t going to play along and they left him alone and took off after another victim.

They did have some pretty cool stuff this year at the Festival.

The Bird Exhibit

The Camels

Pirate Lady

In the end it was a fun day and I’m still waiting for Rob to poke holes into the whole thing. However, he did say he would go again so I guess it wasn’t that bad after all.

So anyway if you get a chance to go and check it out I recommend you do so it runs through mid September.

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