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Jack of all trades Webmaster of none!

August 12, 2010

I was thinking to myself this morning how I can possibly run 3 blogs, and

on top of that  also be the webmaster for and our newest addition to our website Stiletto Services

And manage the Fan Page for!/pages/Stilettoteezcom/291462662513 and the page for Sparrow News!/pages/Stamford-CT/Sparrow-News/145950462085039 and have my own page!/profile.php?id=100000744610301

This is done on my down time because I work full-time.  I’m also planning my wedding and as Rob so elegantly put it the other day “get to it woman let’s get married already!” and taking care of my elderly parents, teenager and now setting up a new shop and volunteering for a local charity that raises money for students looking to further their career in the arts and media fields called The Latino Foundation of Stamford (

HOLY COW sometimes I wonder if I’m insane! and I have to wonder how the heck I manage all of that and still find time to do things like travel and enjoy a nice dinner out with Rob. 

I have to give my loves a big pat on the back. Rob for keeping me grounded and focused and pulling me away when I need to be pulled away and taking me on vacations he’d really rather not go to ehm.. Salem.. and Middle of no where cabins in the woods…ehm. and his driving me back and forth to and from here and there.. you get the gist.  I must make him exhausted but he’s a trooper and always makes it happen.  And of course my teenage daughter Gab who although has the attitude of a Tasmanian devil who has had someone piss in her Wheaties she does occasionally surprise me and helps out especially setting up the Shop we’ve been working so hard to get ready.

All of this makes me realized how lucky I am really and although I get frustrated at times I wouldn’t change things for the world.  So I’ll be happy-go-lucky and be a Jack of all trades and master of none. I guess I like my simple life.

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