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Exercise, Exorcist it’s all the same to me!

August 5, 2010

Someone kindly reminded me how important it is to do exercise in order to lose weight.  I must confess I HATE ok hate is a strong word but dislike doesn’t quiet explain my feelings about exercise completely so I’m going to stick with HATE HATE HATE exercising.  

Retro Work Out

I have a recumbent bike that is sitting upstairs in my parents apartment my father lovingly uses as a stool to sit on when he’s painting or playing the guitar. I have a treadmill that is on our enclosed porch and its used as a spot for my mom’s plants and I have an elliptical machine that now doubles as a hat rack in my bedroom. 

Sure after I exercise I feel like a million bucks and I sleep better, my hips don’t kill me and I’m a firm believer that it really does help. If only I could get myself to do it, but I come home to cook, clean, and work some more and yea sure I could find time here and there to work out but yea I don’t.  

So I have to ask myself why it’s so hard to get motivated to exercise? 


There are times I have the best intentions, getting my gear together and heading out to the gym which by the way I paid for a year membership and went maybe once a month if that.  I’ve gotten the exercise machines, joined the club that has some fool screaming in your face “ONE MORE SOLIDER YOU CAN DO IT!” and has scared me into never going back again.  I’ve done the walking, jumping, riding, pushing, prodding, heaving asthma attack inducing breathing and gallons of sweat but very few and far between times. 

However, considering I’m endorsing the let’s get fit idea I guess it’s time for me to pick up my sweat pants and get my ass in gear.  I’m sure if I had worked out more my body would be in some great shape but alas that didn’t happen.  So I’m going with good intentions to clean of my elliptical, move my mom’s plants off the treadmill, tell my dad he needs to find another chair and have Rob finally print my body under construction tee shirt.  

Wish me exorcist I mean exercising luck.

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