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For ye ole salt

July 29, 2010
Yesterday morning as I rushed out of the house I grabbed one of those cup of noodle soups.  You know the ones that come in the styrofoam cups and cost about $1.50 or less.  For a serving of the cup of noodle you get 536 calories the information states it’s 268 calories for 1/2 a serving but who really eats only 1/2 and saves the rest for later?  yea not many people.  You also get 19.8 grams of fat for the full cup and whooping 2,524 grams of salt! 


 According to my research the daily intake of salt for an adult is 2400 grams.  That cup of noodle jumped right over that border.  On top of the cup of noodle I had for lunch I had a diet pepsi at 35grms of salt and a fuze drink at 15grms. Later I had a salad for dinner with a few croton and some cheese and bacon bit, a handfull of popcorn and a frozen pop.  Needless to say I totally went way over the recommended daily allowance of salt. 

I have high blood pressure which salt is so not good for.  So this morning I decided to try to go the day without salt.  To my surprise it seems that everything I have in my house is loaded with salt, the canned tuna in water I’m having for lunch today has about 180mg per serving, the tbls of mayo has 90mg, that wonder bread I’m having it on 252mg that milk I poured into my coffee had 98mgs of salt.

I never realized how much sodium I’m actually putting into my body! It really is amazing.  I don’t really count calories anymore but counting salt has made me think maybe I should start being a little more vigilant.  I’m going to try to go with as little salt as possible for the next week it will be interesting to see how low I can actually go.

Wish me luck. 

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