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July 28, 2010

So, one of the up or down side of having the weight loss surgery is that there are times that I can eat the same thing over and over again for weeks on end.  Usually it’s lettuce with something or the other a lot of salads since I find that lettuce seems to be the easiest thing for me to eat I have gotten really creative with different ways to make something that I can actually eat for weeks on end and not get sick of or get sick off of.

This past week it was Hummus

Sabria Hummus

I typically would have hummus with crackers or with pita chips as a snack but seeing that my pouch was not being cooperative this past week I found myself eating hummus a lot. Usually I would spread the hummus on a cracker or two and I would be done but this week I decided to change it up and instead of using crackers I substituted the much healthier lettuce.


When you have weight loss surgery things like bread, crackers, starchy foods, etc will either go down really easy which means you’ll eat a lot more or they will bind in your pouch and make you vomit.  Crackers, popcorn, chips go down easy while bread, potatoes, rice not so much. As a result you really have to choose wisely when your eating.  I will admit crackers often become my staple diet for days.  A few crackers with a slice of cheese or peanut butter sometimes it’s all I can keep down so I try not to beat myself up for constantly eating them but I’m also aware it’s not the healthiest choice. 

Basically I took the hummus spread it onto a lettuce leaf poured a little olive oil over it and rolled it up like a wrap.  One or two of these made for a very satisfying meal.

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