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It’s my party and I’ll cry it I want to…

July 27, 2010

So today I turned 40.  I’m still not really sure how I feel about turning the big 4-0  after all I’m really in better shape and look better than when I was 18 so should I be sad about turning 40 or should I celebrate that I have really changed and turned my life around? 

I took my usually vacation around my birthday and turns out that I had a pretty enjoyable time and today while I was working on an art piece I really felt a sense of satisfaction and contentment.  As most read on my earlier post I went to the Circus and the plan was basically to have a working vacation but it turned out that we found time to actually go away and ended up leaving for Salem, MA for a night which was nice albeit a long and tortuous drive. 



It had been a while since I had been to Salem so getting back there was really rather nice.  I love the small town look and the old homes and history of Salem although a dark one and of course I have a fascination with tombstones and cemetaries that I still can’t figure out. 

Burial Ground


and of course my birthday couldn’t pass without a crumbs cupcake to celebrate. 

that hole in it is all I ate.


and the great thing is that I still have left over cupcake for another day.  We also went out for chinese food and of course I have to give my guy kudos for not only dealing with me for an entire week but actually rolling with the punches and really really making my birthday vacation a nice one.  

Me and Rob.. haha


All in all it was a great week that ended with a serene and calm sense of being and full acceptance of who I am.  So stand back world I’m ready for another year.

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