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At the Circus

July 21, 2010
Today I got a chance to go to the Circus something that I haven’t done in years. Actually I haven’t been to the circus since I took my daughter last and she must have been about 4 years old.  She hated it to loud to much stimulation so today she refused to go with us. So off we went two grown adults to see the circus.
The Big Apple Circus

We had better seats then I thought we ended up with seats that where in the second row and although most of the show all we saw was the preformers asses it wasn’t a bad view.

See I didn't lie when I said all we saw where asses.

 It’s amazing the amount of work that goes into these preformances and as cheesy as some of them are there where some that where just amazing.  Funny thing is that I remember watching this circus when I was a little girl and here I am sitting through it again and not much has changed.

Grandma and Bello

The faces are the same such as Grandma the Big Apple Circus’ staple clown and of course I had to get a grandma doll to add to my collection of crazy dolls.


 It was actually enjoyable to sort of go back to that feeling of being a kid and watching these preformers in awe.  I left there feeling good which is always a plus considering the dust, my asthma and the heat usually leave me feeling rather miserable.  But the entire experience was nice.

Maybe I’ll run away with the circus.

So perhaps I’ll breakdown and someday run away with the Circus myself.

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