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Weekend Warrior

July 12, 2010

Do you ever have those weekends that seem to be one big blur? Everything happening so quickly you almost feel like you didn’t have a weekend at all?  Well that pretty much sums up how my weekend went.

I was asked to officiate at a wedding for my cousin’s daughter.  I am an interfaith ordained minister (yes shocking I know). But it was an honor to be a part of this young couples new begining and when I say young I mean young the bride being only 19.

The Wedding

 The bride was beautiful wearing a lovely white knee lenghted dress and of course sticking to her own style which I totally loved she wore her sneakers!

The Happy Couple

 It was an amazing event very different from the much grander wedding a few weeks ago. This one was a more intimate affair, very laid back and of course the young couple decided to celebrate by sneaking off and…

Get your minds out the gutter.. the TP'd tree

 Tp-ing the bride’s aunt tree.  Now this is an example of another way to celebrate the begining of a new life.

I did feel this weekend that I wore way to many hats.  After playing minister, I played wedding guest, then headed to the casino’s and played gambler gambling away a big $5! Yes I’m honestly not much of a gambler but when all was said and done we made it back home at 4:30 in the morning and I made a feeble attempt at sleeping.

On Sunday I had the to put on the Waitress hat now let me explain something here first and foremost I am not waitress material I can barely hold a cup of coffee in my hand without spilling it.  So I have to admire and commend anyone who chooses that as a job.  But as a favor and last minute ditch I was tossed into I had to suck it up and be a Waitress.   I arrived at the restuarant that was FULL.   I must have been there for no more then 45 minutes the most but I felt like I had just run a marathon and as a result I vow never to Not leave any person serving me a good meal a nice tip!

After playing waitress I had to be Shopper and we headed off to buy Supplies for Stilettoteez and groceries by the time we got home it was well after 6:30pm.  After putting everything away I threw myself into bed and laid there fully clothed saying nothing I turn to look at Rob who never seems to stop and he’s already got his computer going and is working on fixing the photos he took and working on new designs and he glances over at me and says “what do you need something to do?” at which point I wanted to reach over and strangle him but I didn’t.  I got up and did laundry because laying in bed made me feel useless.

Today I’m operating on empty and I’m already waiting with bated breath to see my comfy bed again.

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