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Weddings, family and tons of food

July 5, 2010

I went to my cousin’s daughter’s wedding this weekend in Staten Island. We left very early to get to the church on time after a 2 1/2 hour drive we finally make it to the church the ceremony was beautiful the bride looked amazing the groom was handsome. After the ceremony we head over to the mother of the grooms home and they had trays of sandwiches, cookies, drinks all this food laid out on the table now all of us that have traveled down were hungry even me I do get hungry some times. So everyone eats this and that we have two hours to kill which by the way went very fast. Finally it’s time to head to the reception.

Now let me explain I’m use to the, uh how do I put this, I’m use to the not so high class weddings so when they said cocktail hour I’m thinking drinks and pigs in a blanket. We walk into this amazing hall and are greeted by a waiter serving champagne. I promptly grab a glass and down it cause surgery definitely does not prevent you from drinking. After about 15 minutes we are told to head into the cocktail hall. Oh my god this is where my nerves kicked in one of the problems if you want to call it that with the surgery is that you literally become afraid to eat in public all sorts of things can happen from the simple you didn’t chew well and will puke to the more scary you ate to much fat, sugar, food and will dump (something I’ll explain in a later post).

So panic sets in as I wander around table after table of food. I decide to stick with what I know will stick to me and that is the seafood for some reason seafood is easy to eat. So I take squid, a shrimp and salmon. And trek back to the table where everyone is already working on their second plate. Yes it took me for ever to decide after all when you eat as little as I do you choose wisely. After the cocktail hour we headed into the main hall where we were greeted at the table with a menu for a four course meal at this point I’m thinking ok I’m done I feel terrible because I hate to waste food and knowing they are going to serve me all of this and I’m not going to eat it sets me into mini panic and of course I don’t want to be ghetto and ask for a doggy bag so I suck it in and chose the seafood entry and proceed to push poke and prod the plate after plate of food that’s set before me. Taking little bite chewing walking away thankfully the pasta course was served by the waiter so I simply told him I didn’t eat pasta and had him not serve it.

One of the issues with weight loss surgery is that it limits your eating so much that eating out or .
at events can become a chore the why aren’t you eating questions, the people who look at you like you’ve got horns growing out of your head. I sometimes joke with Rob that he should make me a shirt that says “I’m not eating cause if I do I’ll puke on your shoes”. People simple don’t understand how your system has changed so you end up spending a lot of time explaining or simple say I’m not hungry and have them insist you eat or use my favorite I’m just getting over a virus and watch as everyone moves their chairs ten feet away from you.

Luckily at the wedding I was sitting with family so they all understood so their where no questions comment or looks. I’ve heard some people who have had surgery talk about how they handle these situations from the chewing the food and spitting it into a napkin to the actually eating the puking then eating again. Neither of these are an option for me first one is gross and the second actually can damage your pouch. After all these years I’ve learned it’s simply not worth it my health is more important so when eating out I make wise choices keep it simple and small portions. And when at events where I can’t control the portions I roll with the punches and make sure I don’t over eat so I don’t feel miserable.

In the end the wedding, family and tons of food where amazing. I survive and enjoyed myself because I made it a point after my mini panic attack to be conscious of what and how I ate.

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