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Weekend Adventures the IPAD

July 4, 2010

This weekend we headed off to  a wedding and detoured to get my Ipad.  Now typically I’m one of those people who before dishing out that kind of money or letting anyone dish out that kind of money I have to really think about it and when I say really thing about it I mean over and over and reasearch and find a reason why it’s a good idea to spend that money.  However, once I’ve made that choice move over cause I’m going to want it and want it NOW!

So as promised we headed to an Apple store and I walked over to the young man who was kinda just standing around  I ask the guy a few questions and then say ok I’d like to by the Ipad 16gb and there I am cash in hand to purchase my fortieth birthday gift Rob whose with me is hovering but letting me ask all the questions besides I’m the official family Nerd so of course I’m going to know what to ask.  The young salesman looks at us and says to my horror “Sorry we don’t have it!” now aside from my feelings of being totally crushed now I’m thinking wait how can you possibly not have it? So I say to the young man can you call another store and ask them if they have it and he says no but I can give you the number. So I walk out of the apple store totally defeated but not giving up hope I call the nearest store and they tell me the same thing “sorry we don’t have it”.  After 3 calls and getting the same response I ask one of the sales people on the phone how can you not have it in stock and I am told that they give to those who have reserved the Ipads first  but they can put me on the reserve list and I’ll get it in 2 weeks. 

Now at this point I want to cough and say bullshit at the same time but I hold it in and decide ok they don’t have the 16 then I’ll get the 32mg version.  So I make Rob trek all the way back to the original store to be told by another salesperson “Sorry we don’t have that one in stock” now I’m not only shocked I’m getting a little pissed I want that Ipad and I feel like I’m going to stand there and scream FINE THEN I’LL JUST HOLD MY BREATH TILL I GET IT!. But I decide to call the stores that I have already called and I’m told by each of them that they have NOTHING in stock! are you kidding me? really???? nothing how is that even possible your APPLE for god sake! are you serious? and yes they where serious or so I thought.

Say Hello to my Lil' Friend

No let me clarify that I did not wear our Apple shirt seen in the picture I didn’t have it with me so I did not offend any apple employees in order to warrant our experience but I digress.  So we leave the Apple store Rob’s attempting to make me feel better with the standard don’t worry honey you’ll get it. Which was great but there was one problem I wanted it NOW!

So defeated I say can we hit the bookstore?  And decide to hit the Apple store in the Mall just to ask how long it will take me to get it if I order it.  So I’m playing the story in my head the how I’m going to ask, what I’m going to say, cause frankly I’m pretty pissed at Apple at that point.

But I walk into the store and the script in my head is gone there I am standing amid all these shiny ipads and I walk over to the sales guy and say. Excuse me sir can I get some more please? well I didn’t exactly say that but it was just as pathetic,  Rob had walked away to let me do my damsel in distress thing and tell the salesman I really wanted to get either a 16 or 32 wifi only Ipad now let me just say that this happened to be one of the store we had called and they said they where totally out of stock. The salesman looks at me and says wait a second I’m going to check stock.

Oh Shiny Box... YEA!

Now I’m watching to see what he’s doing.  He walks over to someone else they exchange words he stands there they exchange more words. He points at me they exchange more words and he walks over to me and says ok which one do you want? and I said what? he said we have both the 16 and 32 in stock which one do you want? So I said well I’ll take the 16 next thing I know I’m walking out of the store with Ipad in tow?  And I’m thinking what the hell has just happened here? Now while we were paying for this I wanted to say Hey ASSHOLE I called here 3 times! 3 times! and I was told you had nothing in stock WTF? But I was so afraid of them saying were taking it back that I walked out of the store bag in hang.

I couldn’t believe it? nor understand it with we want to bend over backwards for our customers.  We want to make sure we have what you want and we surely aren’t going to LIE about what we have don’t have no bait and switch with us.  So I can never understand how business operate like that? I simply couldn’t believe it, it was the craziest experience I’ve had to date.

Then we leave the store and on the way back I look at the bag and notice a hole.

HEY they stole our idea.. LOL

It was just an interesting experience and I couldn’t believe it.  Now I’m happy with the Ipad God knows I am but this experience has left me REALLY wanted to wear my Apple shirt every day!

My New Favorite Shirt

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