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Ipod, Iphone, Itouch, Ipad, I what the?

July 1, 2010

Oh the Month of JULY! so many exciting events take place this month for one it is my BIRTHDAY month and I turn the BIG 40! yes 40! can you believe it? Yea neither can I! I keep thinking back and wondering where the hell did time go? I mean just yesterday I was a baby or so I’d like to believe. 

I already know what I want for my birthday I mean 40 is a big deal right?  So Party? Vacation?  nope none of the above I’m getting an apple IPad.  After dragging Rob to the Apple Store about 10 times and making him stand there for 30-40 minutes as I played around with the pad and drove him insane with my why I need one diatribe.  Not including the hours online researching and commenting and discussing with fans of apple and apple haters about it.  He finally said to me HONEY if you want it it’s a cool toy get it.. you don’t need to come up with a reason to need it. 

Now I’ve heard all the complaints, and raves about it and frankly I don’t have anything against apple even though we did create our popular Apple shirt 

Me wearing my apple shirt.

My only issue with the IPad is the lack of being able to upload programs unless of course they come from the apple app store and the fact that it’s browser isn’t all that great since the website looks better on the itouch,iphone and ipod then it does on the ipad.  I think I just confused myself.  When I view our site on the Ipad it was skewed. But Rob is right it’s a pretty cool toy and just like any other 40 year old kid I want that new cool toy! 

So the plan is to head on down to the apple store and pick up the Ipad.  And just because at the age of 40 I’m going to start living life on the wild side, I’m wearing my APPLE tee to the store.  (Yes I will definitely post photos of that one).

So I’m sure I’ll be having this discussion again in a few months when they upgrade the Ipad and add all the missing components that it’s needing now.  But I was promptly reminded by the powers that be that I will not be getting another one (insert sad face here).

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