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Meet Penelope

June 29, 2010

Yesterday I posted about starting a new art sculpture during my insane filled weekend after being inspired by the movie Penelope.  So I wanted to show everyone basically the process of the sculpture.  As everyone saw I started very simply. 

Penelope gets her piggy nose.

She started off pretty basic creating the pig nose and letting it dry over night. 

The ears

After the clay dried I painted her a basic white adding ears and beginning the facial painting.  As you can tell I have a fascination with Sugar Skulls and most of my sculptures are sugar skulls these including Penelope.  

Sugar skull flowers and background

After letting everything dry and again I’m pretty impatient so I used my heat gun to speed up the process.  I started to add the sugar skull traditional decorations of flowers, lines, dots, etc. 

Penelope get's her decorations

After getting her all set to where I want her.  I add the decorations to her and finish off the background.  

Not sure if you know about the story of Penelope but she’s a girl born with a pig face as a result of  her grandfather’s stupidity.  She has to find love in order to turn into a real girl.  Not unlike the story I’ve added Penelope’s most inner desire and if you look into her eyes you’ll see what she really wants is LOVE. 

All of the 3D sculptures I make are one of a kind.  Ready to hang on 11×17 canvas. They can be hung in your office, home or even in your shop.  They make great gifts and if you’re looking for a particular theme you can always contact me for more information. 

To see other sugar skulls 3D sculptures visit

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